Going Rogue With Animal Control!

This was a Deck that was catergorized as a rogue control deck years ago.And as you know, I love rogue decks. In my attempt to update the deck list I saw some cards that could work, but didn’t make the cut.
Acknowledgements:Tsareena SM,Garbodor BKP,Fearow SM,Gumshoos GX SM,Mew EVO,Rattata EVO
In my searching, I found one card that did make the cut.
Inclusions:Team Skull Grunt
I take no credit in the idea or name of this deck. In fact, I really just mixed their deck list together to completely shut down the opponent.

Source 1:https://sixprizes.com/2015/11/03/gallery-of-rogues-discussion-and-analyses-of-competitive-rogue-decks-for-the-standard-format/#animal-control

Source 2:https://sixprizes.com/2016/06/29/nobody-expects-the-rogue-ish-inquisition-lightning-lock-revisited-animal-control-2-0-and-the-bats-and-the-bees-for-us-nationals/#the-bats-and-the-bees

Animal Control Deck List:
3 Corpish PRC
2 Crawdaunt PRC
3 Natu ROS
3 Xatu ROS
3 Bunnelby PRC
4 Shaymin-EX ROS
4 Professor Sycamore
3 Delinquent
1 Brock’s Grit
3 Sky Field
4 Red Card
4 Trick Shovel
4 Ultra Ball
3 Level Ball
4 VS Seeker
3 Trainer’s Mail
3 Float Stone
2 Double Colorless Energy
4 Psychic Energy

Before reading this, I recommend you read the seperate posts about Animal Control.If you do, I have much less explaining to do.

The point of the deck is to completely control your opponent. The win condition is to deck them out while controlling what’s in their hand, and what they are about to draw.The amazing combo of Red Card, Delinquent, and Corpish make them have no cards in their hand. Trick Shovel ensures they don’t draw into anything to draw.You can only use Trick Shovel 4 times, so Xatu is there for long term control. Even with all this control, you will deck out before your opponent, because you just burned 4 Shyamin-EX.Bunnelby comes in to discard important cards.If you Xatu, you can leave your opponent’s two most important cards in the second and third position in the deck. Retreat into Bunnelby, and you can discard them. With no cards in hand, and dead draw will allow you to put yourself in a winning position.Keep in mind, with this deck you will not make any friends.

Now it’s time for you to add to the discussion!

Is this Expanded? Because Trick Shovel isn’t legal in Standard.

It sounds like a great fun deck, but almost all of the cards require luck or setup. How about something with like the new sableye? It gives an automatic effect to stop whatever Ns that would ruin your setup.
Also, just read the second website’ where he explains corphish, so why do you run two? With that number: A. It is unlikely you will start with it, which is when you want it. B. You don’t run any crawdaunt, so it is fairly useless because you want Xatu attacking.

Well then it is Expanded. I forgot about it being in Expanded. Still not gonna change the list, too much work. You can fix up your own Expanded list if you want too.

You might want to play some crawdunt from PRC.

This is awesome. For a while i tested animal control but i played with tsareena from sun/moon with some FOGP

After much thought, I have removed a Trainer’s Mail and a Team Flare Grunt for 2 Crawdaunt PRC.Keep in mind the reason I did not choose Crawdaunt in the first place was because it only targeted the active.The opponent could easily attach an energy to a Benched Pokémon instead.You can recycle Team Flare Grunt, so that’s why I used it instead.I have also thought about having only 2 Corpish.To justify the Crawdaunt line, I removed an Escape Rope for 1 more.This should make it easier to start with, and much less likely to not hit it first turn.

TFG also only targets the active.

yeah but crawdaunt is not recycleable

Play vileplume in it, as you just use xatu and put their items at the top.