Giratina-EX AOR Variants // XY-on 2016


and then they kill your big monster, and then hydreigon ex cries too.


Then you continue the giratina lock and continue with disruption. Think of it like how toad vs mega rayquaza used to play. You have to be willing to sacrifice some of your pokemons in order to continue the push


Then u play super rod(assuming u play 1 jirachi and super rod), ultra ball for jirachi, swithc/e-rope into jirachi, attach, and take a third DDE away, would u shred in that given scenario knowing your 2nd hydreigon would go down?? Along with your fourth DDE?


Most turbtina lists run bunny for the additional 2 DDE. If we are playing the theoretical of shower rod and a way to get out - sure it would be unfortunate but you still could get out of it without too much of anissue. Its much easier for turbotina to stream DDE and energies to power up attackers in one turn which is why you have outs.

Plus you could run more than 1 escape route to give you more reliable odds of the lysandre escape rope combo

The point is both turbo Tina and tyrantrum variants have not that hard puts that are reliable vs jirachi. Toad Tina is another story of course


Truly my favorite kind of shower rod.


Mobile you have failed me again :joy:


Any possible improvements?


The reason this has any merit is crushing hammer, and there has to be something better to put crushing hammer in.

Other than that, lab> aqua base.


… except that it has already been maxed out?

While Silent Lab as a supplementary Stadium is definitely worth consideration, shouldn’t there at least be something that, for the M Manectric-EX matchup, counters Rough Seas without voiding Giratina-EX’s Ability?


Tyrantrum for Jolteon EX?

Seems like it should go right through Jolteon’s attack.


It should, I mean it’s ability says it goes through any type of effect


I know you play crushing hammer, and I was saying that there is no reason to play toadtina because there has to be something better to put it in.


… which is Trevenant BREAK, Bunnelby, Wailord-EX, or something else? I can’t figure it out though. Please elaborate.


This is standard. Decks such as lucario/hammers and that straight toad thing that topped the ECC have proven that you can put hammers in anything and win.


I have just spent some time looking into the results of said competition, only to find no Lucario-EX but two Seismitoad-EX / Giratina-EX placements in Top 8:

Am I missing something? :cold_sweat:


That was only present during cities as far as I am aware

That’s honestly a mystery then.


Straight Toad did well because it was first off piloted by one of the best players in the world (Philip Schultz) and second off played the meta-game really well. It wrecked Mewtwo and ManBats which were rife at the ECC. ToadTina I feel in now stronger due to the increased popularity of MegaMan.






@pokemonguy M8 please explain 20202020202020020202020.