Ghazernado's 2016-2017 Season (Last Year in Seniors) 610/400


Correct me if this is formatted incorrectly.

Point Spread:
Continentals: 150.
Regionals: 100.
League Cups: 300 or something.
LC’s: 60.

Total: 610/400.

9/25/16 League Challenge:
Standard, playing Darkrai/Giratina (no Garbodor).

R1: Mega Mewtwo/Garb: W.
R2: Mega Scizor/Garb: W.
R3: Mega Altaria: W.
R4: Darkrai/Giratina/Garbodor: W.

10/30/16 League Challenge:
Standard, playing Yveltal/Mew.
R1: Yveltal/Mew: W.
R2: Mega Gardy: W.
R3: Dark/Elixir Stuff: W.
R4: Mega Mewtwo/Garbodor: W.
+15, filling up both LC slots for the quarter.

Fort Wayne Regionals:
Playing Yveltal/Garbodor.

Round 1: Mega Gardy: LWL.
Round 2: Vespiquen/Raichu: WW.
Round 3: Dark/Tina: LL.
Round 4: Yveltal/Zoroark: WLT.
Round 5: Yveltal/Zoroark: WLW.
Round 6: Xerneas/Giratina: WW.
Round 7: Mega Mewtwo/Garb: WW.
Barely made top 32, +0 CP.

Wasn’t able to go to Dallas or Athens, so a few months pass.

1/7/17: League Cup at my locals. Standard, and I played speed dark before people knew it was good.
R1: Volcanion: WLW
R2: Yveltal/Garb: WW.
R3: Yveltal/Garb: WW.
R4: Yveltal/Garb: WW.
R5: ID: (4-0-1).
Top 4: Yveltal/Garb: WLW.
Finals: Yveltal/Garb: WW.
No joke, I got really lucky to play against almost all Yveltal, and I didn’t drop a game until cut.
+50 CP.

1/28/17 League Cup, the last weekend of the quarter. Expanded, playing turbo dark.
R1: Bye: W, 6-0 on prizes.
R2: Garchomp/Talonflame: W.
R3: Scrub: W.
R4: Mega Gardy: L.
R5: Turbo dark mirror: L.
Only three seniors, and my record was better than the other two, those being the round two and three opponents. +50.

2/17/17: LC. The organizer tells me I’m the only senior before it starts, so I’m already getting points. Standard, playing turbo dark. Each round I played was a Master.
R1: Vespi/Zoroark. W.
R2: Water stuff: W.
R3: Lurantis/Eeveelutions: W.
Finished 1st even with the masters, what a savage.
+15 CP.

2/25/17: LC.
Expanded, playing Mega Gardy.
R1: Scrub: W.
R2: Yveltal/Garb (he didn’t know it was expanded): W.
R3: Yveltal/Maxie’s: W.
R4: Mega Ray: W.
+15 CP.

3/5/17: Collinsville Regionals.
Expanded, playing Mega Gardy.
R1: Scrub: WW.
R2: Greninja: LWW.
R3: Mega Gardy: WW.
R4: Lurantis/Plume: WW.
R5: Rainbow Road: LL.
R6: Yveltal/Maxie’s: LL.
R7: Turbo Dark: WW.
R8: Mega Manectric/Something: WW.
Made it in at 8th seed as the only 6-2. #alwayslucky
Top 8:
Toad/Garb: LL.
+80 CP.

3/11/17: League Cup.
Expanded, playing Mega Gardy, two cards off from the Collinsville list.
R1: Mega Ray/Jolteon: WW.
R2: Yveltal/Garb: LWW.
R3: Scrub: WW.
1st out of 5 seniors, +35 because I capped my League Challenges.

4/2/17: League Cup.
Standard, playing Mega Gardy.
R1: Mega Rayquaza: WLL.
R2: Mega Tyranitar/Decidueye: LWW.
R3: Gyarados: LL.

Gardy feels inconsistent in standard. +0 CP.

4/8/17 League Cup:
Standard, playing Mega Ray/Volcanion.
R1: Decidueye/Vileplume: LL.
R2: Mirror: LL.
R3: Dark stuff: WW.

Ray also feels inconsistent in standard. +0 CP.

4/15/17 League Cup:
Standard, playing Turbo Dark.
R1: Lycanroc Jank: WW.
R2: Yveltal/Garb: WW.
R3: A junior playing Quad Lapras who didn’t really know what she was doing: WT.

Playing a consistent deck feels good. +35 CP.

310/500, over 60% of the way there.

So I haven’t kept track of pretty much anything since then, so I’ll skip ahead from league cups.

5/6: VA Regionals.
Standard, playing DeciPlume.
R1: Quad Lapras: WLL.
R2: Volcanion: LWT.
R3: Mega Ray: LL.
R4: Yveltal/Zoroark: Somehow T.
R5: Pretty sure it was Quad Lapras: WW.
R6: Turbo Dark: WW.
R7: Deciplume: WW.
R8: Deciplume: WW.

That was disappointing. +0 CP.

I don’t remember league cups from this quarter, I just know I won two.

6/30: NAIC!
Standard, playing Mega Gardy (despair ray).
R1: New player: LWW, because I prized three megas game one.
R2: Mega Ray: WW. Sudowoodo is good against ray.
R3: Darkrai/Garbodor: WLL.
R4: Metagross: LWT.
R5: Zoroark/Drampa: WW.
R6: Espeon/Garb: WW.
R7: Mega Ray: LL. Sudowoodo is good against gardevoir.
R8: Decidueye/Vileplume/Ninetales: WLW.
R9: Zoroark/Drampa: WW.

6-2-1, 17th seed in day two.

Day Two:
R10: Volcanion: LWW.
R11: Umbreon/Zoroark: WLL.
R12: Metagross: WLL.
R13: Decidueye/Ninetales: WW.
R14: Greninja: WW.

Top 16, not bad when I was just shooting for day two.
+150 CP, up to 610/400.

8/18: Worlds Day One!
Standard, playing Mega Ray/Magearna.
R1: Ninetales (no sudowoodo): LL.
R2: Volcanion: WLW.
R3: Mega Ray (with sudowoodo): I got lucky. WW.
R4: Gardevoir/Slyveon: WLW.
3-1, I advance to day two.

8/20: Day Two.
Unfortunately, I hit too much sudowoodo to do well.
R1: Volcanion: WLW.
R2: Ninetales (with sudowoodo): LL.
R3: Decidueye/Ninetales: WLL.
R4: Gardevoir/Octillery/Gallade: WW.
R5: Gardevoir/Octillery/Gallade (with sudowoodo): WW.
R6: Volcanion (with sudowoodo): LWL.
R7: Turbo Dark (with sudowoodo): LL.

Overall, this season was pretty great. I met a lot of nice people, and had a great time at Worlds. Nashville is only about four hours from me, so I’ll definitely be shooting for an invite for next season.


Updated with a lot of stuff since September.


Lmao I alsways just assumed you quit


Naw dude, I just haven’t updated this at all.


Updated with Collinsville.


Nice job at top 8 at colonsville!


Thanks my dude. I was pretty lucky to bubble in.


I till cant belive that you guys had 8 rounds with a 6-2 making it. nice job


Updated with events since Collinsville.


Id have to disagree with your statements that mega ray and gardy are inconsistent in standard, but keep up the good work!


Updated with VA regs and NAIC. Some cups also happened, but I don’t remember exact weekends and such for those. This season was lit.


Updated with Worlds.


I’m assuming you’ll be a master?


Nice job going to day 2! Good luck as a master!


Yeah. 2020202020202020202.