Getting Back into the Game


So, I’ve been on hiatus from this game for about a year and a half now and I’m looking to feet back in. I wanna collect, attend tournaments, be competitive, etc. But i need a little help getting started.

I’ve been told on good authority that some of the best decks in standard format are Gardevoir, Volcanion, Metagross, Greninja, and Garbodor. Can anyone tell me which variants of these cards are used? I could also use some insight as to staples i should look into among other useful things i need to know to get back on my feet.

Any and all help is much appreciated!


Gardevoir is the BDIF right now. A great list is one posted in the Facebook group Heyfonte by Mike Fouchet (magnechu), as well as Hartford Top 4 by Sam Chen.

Garbodor is the next best deck; see my list in Heyfonte for my Top 4 list from Vancouver.

Decks besides these two haven’t seen as much repetitive success. Moving forward, these are the two decks to beat.


If you want to get into the grove again, I suggest buying a worlds promo deck. You can get a view for the new metagame and learn some of the strongest decks, though a few cards are rotating and you can’t play them in tournaments. They release on November 17th.


All right thanks guys! I’ll look into the stuff you mentioned. I appreciate you both taking the time to respond!


Please note how much it cost to get cards for you list. I’d say proxy some of the cards from the aforementioned decks, and see which ones you like. Then, commit money into those cards.


Money isn’t an issue. I appreciate the words of wisdom but i don’t mind shelling out the cash.