Gengar-EX Variants // BCR-on

Get enough Energy onto Gengar-EX to use Dark Corridor, and use the attack over and over again, switching into Pokemon that can withstand a hit. Then use Float Stone or Mystery Energy to retreat back into Gengar. Dragalge can lock retreat, and in combination with Lysandre, you can lock things Active that can’t attack (or shouldn’t be attacked into) whatever you switch into with Dark Corridor.

Here’s a list:
14 Pokemon:
3 Gengar-EX
2 Sigilyph LTR
2 Zekrom LTR
2 Skrelp FLF
2 Dragalge FLF
1 Dedenne FFI
1 Wobbuffet PHF
1 Seismitoad-EX

35 Trainers:
4 Professor Juniper
3 N
2 Skyla
2 Colress
2 Lysandre
2 VS Seeker
1 Xerosic
1 Pokemon Fan Club

4 Float Stone
4 Ultra Ball
3 Muscle Band
1 Head Ringer
1 Startling Megaphone
1 Dowsing Machine

4 Dimensional Valley

11 Energy:
5 Psychic
4 Double Colorless
2 Mystery

Yveltal can maul Gengar due to Weakness, hence the 2 Zekrom and the Dedenne. Wobbuffet blocks Genesect-EX’s Red Signal, and can finish off anything that has been Dark Corridor’d. Seismitoad is just a good card.

No M Gengar-EX because it is only really good if your opponent puts something like Dialga-EX PHF, Charizard-EX 12, or M Lucario-EX into play, which they will avoid doing if they know I run the Mega. In order to take full advantage of the Mega, I will need to run Spirit Link and Tool Retriever so you can attach a Muscle Band after using it. But, now I can’t use Dark Corridor on that Gengar, which is what my entire deck is built around. So then you would need to run Celebi-EX. So now I’m clunking up my deck with all these cards just for some situations. Not worth it.

Things that should be considered: Reshiram LTR, Kyurem LTR/-EX PLB, Robo Substitute, Trevenant XY, more Psychic and less Mystery Energy to counter Aegislash-EX, and Virbank City Gym, instead of Dimensional Valley.

Gengar is probably my favorite deck I’ve ever played, so allow me the honor of picking your list apart and giving you my take on it (for whatever that may be worth)

The Pokemon-

The first thing that stands out to me is- why is Zekrom here? I’m guessing you wanted an Yveltal response? I don’t think he’ll do in that case. With no Lightning energy, you’re relying on him being attacked first so you can Outrage and Yveltal will almost certainly just KO him rather than set him up for an Outrage KO. Reshiram works MUCH better because using Dark Corridor on a Virizion and switching into Reshiram threatens a KO if that Virizion decides to emerald Slash it. Defnitely ditch the Zekroms.

Also, the Dragalge retreat lock is cool and all, but it doesn’t function very well without the item lock nor is it even nearly as all-around useful as the item lock. I’d definitely consider devoting more deck space to Trevenant than Dragalge.

The Trainers-

If you’re going to run a Team Flare Gear card, Head Ringer works MUCH more to Gengar’s advantage than Jamming Net. Ringer will allow you to stop whatever you’ve locked into the active spot from attacking you by raising its attack cost. It’s not an entirely necessary card, but it can be useful and is worth trying out if you have the space.

When it comes to supporters, I’d definitely recommend running Pokemon Fan Club as this deck runs lots of Basics and requires a bit of a set-up.


You have waaaaay too much Special Energy going on. Try and remember that Enhanced Hammer is back and people WILL be running it thanks to all the powerful cards who benefit from Strong and Double Colorless Energy.

If you’re running 3 or 4 Dimension Valleys in this deck (as you should be), you won’t need DCE that much. I’d keep maybe 1 or 2 around for Reshiram’s Outrage and the occasional situation where you don’t have a Valley in play and need to attack with Dark Corridor or X-Ball, but running 4 of them seems unnecessary.

Mystery Energy works pretty well on stuff like Mewtwo, Wobuffet and Sigilyph so it’s a good idea, I don’t think I’m sold on running 4 though. Especially if you’re going to run that many Float Stones you’re definitely better off just sticking to Basic Psychic energies that aren’t going to be hammered away so easily.

Anyway- that’s just my two cents. I’m looking forward to playing this deck in some serious competitions this year, and I honestly think it has the potential to do really well in the current format.

I’m thinking seriously about this, my Pokemon line includes Wobbufet and Trevenant to switch into with Gengar EX. I run 3 Dimensional Valley for retreat cutting, Mewtwo EX for Seismitoad and I think the deck works really well.

@Yume Thanks for the input! But I’d still argue Zekrom is worth including, because if they get enough energy onto an Yveltal to KO an energyless Zekrom, then they must be in range to be KO’d by Dedenne. I need to test against more Yveltal to see how often this actually works, but for now I think I’ll keep it in.

If I drop Dragalge, then I don’t see too much of a reason to run Gengar over Donphan, since the Poison and the fact that Gengar is a Basic are the biggest reasons to run it over the elephant, so I want to take advantage of that.

I’m definitely not saying to drop Dragalge. Locking your opponent out of retreat can be really devastating in this deck when Gengar is capable of 2HKO-ing pretty much anything. I was just saying that the retreat lock doesn’t work nearly as well without the Trevenant item lock, so you kind of have to run both.

I’ve been running 2-2 Trevenant and 2-2 Dragalge and that seems to work. A Turn 1 Pokémon Fan Club really makes this deck shine.

heres my deck that iv been playing around with. I wanna try this with the new robo sub
Pokemon: 17
3 Gengar EX
2 Trevenant
2 Phantump
2 Sigilyph
1 Mr.Mime (Plasma Freeze)
1 Reshiram (outrage)
1 zekrom (Outrage)
1 Kyurem ex (outrage)
2 skerelp
2 draglage

Trainers/Supporters/Stadiums: 33
3 Ultra Ball
1 Computer Search
3 Virbank City Gym
2 Muscle Band
4 N
2 Colress
3 Sycamore
4 Float Stone
2 Skyla
1 Lysander
3 pokemon fan club
1 Professors letter
2 startling megaphone
2 silver bangle

Energy: 10
4 Double Colorless Energy
6 Psychic Energy

Getting back into the game (please, someone tell me why) and I was looking at this deck. If you run M Gengar-EX, is there a real need for any tech pokes except a Dedenne and your Wobuffet or so? I’m just trying to see how simplistic I can make the deck to make it run as fast as possible.

you might want to use trevenant to switch into when yu use dark corridor and i would put a full 4 mystery energy in to, essentially a gengar ex/trevenant deck.

Have you played many games yet with this list?

I only ask because it shares quite a number of similarities to mine and I wouldn’t mind comparing results regarding a few differences with you sometime.

In particular I’m curious about how Kyurem is working out for you. I considered running one as well to combat the ever-popular Landorus and Donphan, but space was tight and I guess I didn’t really see them as a huge threat to this deck.

I’m also curious to see how well Sub Robo fits into this deck. I’m only not using it because I couldn’t bring myself to cut anything else from my list, but I do think it could be very good in this deck.

EDIT: I don’t normally post my personal lists, but what the heck. This list will probably change a lot over the coming months anyway:

Pokémon - 15
Gengar EX 3
Phantump / Trevenant 2 - 2
Skrelp / Dragalge 2 - 2
Sigilyph 1
Mewtwo EX 1
Wobbuffet 1
Reshiram 1

Items - 22
Ultra Ball 4
Startling Megaphone 2
Dimension Valley 3
Head Ringer 1
Muscle Band 2
Float Stone 2
Vs. Seeker 2
Evosoda 2
Enhanced Hammer 1
Sacred Ash 1
Dowsing Machine 1
Professor’s Letter 1

Supporters - 13
Juniper 4
N 4
Pokémon Fan Club 2
Lysander 1
Skyla 2

Energy- 10
Mystery 2
Double Colorless 2
Basic Psychic 6

EDIT: Woops! The list I posted was missing the Float Stones, made a quick change. New question I have is whether or not you guys think 4 Junipers, 4 Ns and 2 Vs. Seekers is enough draw power. I don’t feel like there’s enough room for Colress and he’s kind of unreliable anyway.

Personally I don’t know why anyone would consider using Trevenant over Toad. Toad is so much faster, by the time you set up a Gengar EX with Dark Corridor and Trevenant with float stone, you could have had three Toads set up and going…

Also at first I under valued Wobbuffet, but that card is beastly.

You’re kidding, right? Why would anyone use Trevenant over Toad? Because Toad has to use a weak attack to achieve his item lock, whereas Trev just has to be there.

Sure, Toad sets up quicker, but his usefulness maxes out at 50 damage per attack + item lock

Whereas Trev/Gengar can do 90 per attack (2HKO on most things) + item lock + poison for Dragalge’s ability (locking the opponents Pokemon in place and ensuring you get the second hit for the 2HKO)

I guess you could use Laserbank to up Toad’s damage output, but at that point why are you even playing Gengar?


If your going through all the effort to use Skrelp / Dragalge you should definitely have Lasers.

I’m still undecided if I like Valley over Bank tho. It’s a catch 22, you want the extra dmg of the Bank, and we all know it goes well with lasers, but you need the lesser energy requirement that Valley gives just to use Dark Corridor faster…

Another reason I like Toad over Trevenant is that Toad doesn’t care about Garbodor; whereas, the same cannot be said for Trevenant.

but how do you get a tool on garbodor when trevenant is there?


Next question.


Why are people running Wobbuffet with Dragalge seems like you need to chose one or the other. As Wobbuffet shuts it down am I right?

It does shut it down but only in the active and since you can switch with Dark Corridor you don’t exactly have to switch into Wobbuffet you can switch into an outrager, safeguard, or Treavenant just whatever is needed at the time.

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I think the biggest weakness with the deck is Virizion/Genesect. I would put in a Reshiram or two to help out that problem. The only issue with that is multiple Virizion/Genesect decks are playing one Deoxys to hit 130 hp with Genesect. Another thing you can try is to put in spiritomb that way they do not have access to G Booster and they can never kill your active sigilyph.

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Yet another reason to use Toad. They can’t Lysandre Toad to the bench to break the item lock.

with trevenant you can do 60+poison+itemlock but with toad it is 30+itemlock, with gengar ex or donphan trevenant ex is better but otherwise toad is better.

Well… You CAN, potentially…

(Pull up something with a high retreat cost and hope they can’t switch back into a Toad)

I will say that Gengar’s attack just works better with Trevenant.

You can’t use Dark Corridor with Seismitoad EX and achieve anything other than a 180HP wall.

Toad has to attack for its item lock to work. The point of a Gengar deck (as I see it) is too attack with Gengar and switch into something that gives you an advantage.

I could see playing a Toad to help until you get Trevenant/Dragalge set up.