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Vileplume/Exeggutor is my guess.


Oh my. I really like this card. I feel like it would be strongest with fliptini though. If the paralysis was automatic, this would see a lot of play


Not sure. Clamp Crush is a fantastic disruption attack, but I’m not sure if it has the damage output to work out well. It would be good in Expanded where it can use PlusPower and LaserBank, but that same format has Keldeo-EX/Float Stone and Virizion-EX to deal with, which makes Clamp Crush a bit unreliable against most of the good stuff in that format.


I played it for a bit lol, it was amazing with energy denial and fliptini and bats, but the 2 energy was really a clunky downfall. Anyways I’m goin to summer camp for two weeks, bye all :wink:


I’m all leaving for summer camp, but I get back Friday, the 24th, which also happens to be the day before my 14th birthday!


I’m leaving for Osoyoos today. I’ll see you all in a week.

Expanded tournament! Round 3 Pairings up!

Bye @thegrovylekid and @Dweinhardt. See you when you get back, we’ll miss you! :smiley:


I don’t understand your reply. I played one duel last night just to see what it was about (played old build Donphan and decked a colorless Raquazza), and I don’t understand how the software queues up my opponent when I rank up. Is it:

I play a random opponent equivalent to how far we have mutually tracked on the ladder?


I play a random opponent, and I am tracking along my own ladder board to better (? - Venosaur?) prizes?


I don’t fully understand how it works, but my main point was what helps Hearthstone work as well as it does is how large and active the player base appears to be; obviously you cannot play someone that isn’t online. =P So the more people you have online, the more chances there are of someone being of an “appropriate” level to face you, assuming the selection process is even remotely accurate.

For example, if you select “Ranked; Standard” for a battle when everyone else currently (or within whatever time guidelines they allow for the search - again I don’t know details) looking for a Ranked, Standard Format game are newbies with slightly tweaked Theme Decks, it won’t matter how good the matching parameters are.

I assume the Prize Ladder has nothing to do with it.


My kids have been begging to see Hearthstone. On the day before we move, I play two duels with them watching. The turn after Ragnaros the Firelord hits my side of the board, my son says, “THAT GUY IS AWESOME!!!” Which is a funny comment if you know the game - a nine year old who has never seen the game played can intuitively pick that up in 30 seconds!

Sadly, my daughter said, “This game looks so much more fun than Pokemon.”


I know I asked you folks awhile ago how high the entry barrier is, and it’s comments like these that make me glad I never tried to find out myself…Pokemon eats enough of my time as it is :fearful:.


I just wish Pokemon could market itself better to girl tweens. I am struggling keeping her interested. Which makes me sad. I would love for us all to stay together.


Being that I’m not a girl, I don’t really know how it appeals specifically to girls, but I do feel that Pokemon strikes enough of a balance between the Male and Female audience. Some people are just picky and outgrow Pokemon because it feels too kiddy (though the kiddy-esque appearence is what kept me away from Pokemon until I actually tried the TCG).


I agree and disagree.

The extent to which I agree: my daughter aged up to senior this season and hit a rough spot in a highly competitive area. Moreover: she is disgusted by boys who don’t shower and brush their teeth. And have no social graces. No marketing in the world can overcome this.

The extent to which I disagree: If I were a Pokemon executive sensitive to growing market share, particularly among both genders, I would demand that the card designers ensure that Fairy type always be somewhat competitive. It need not be BDIF, but it should always be a contender.

They absolutely blew it with Xerneas EX.


To be fair, Xerneas-EX was decent when it released. Not as game crashing as Yveltal-EX, but it still saw a bit of use. Now, I won’t say that Fairy Types are the BDIF at all, but they do have some decent cards to work with…

-Aromatisse XY
-Slurpuff XY
-Xerneas XY
-Xerneas EX
-Fairy Garden
-Floette FLF (but it supports Grass Types :frowning: )
-Klefki FUF
-Florges EX
-Slurpuff PHF
-Mega Gardevoir EX
-Wonder Energy
-Ancient Togekiss (Supports all Types though)

Don’t forget that Aromatisse Toolbox was one of the big decks of the 13-14 season!

EDIT: Speaking of Fairy Types, I don’t think a Pokemon needs to be a Fairy Type to appeal to a female demographic, as evidenced by most Starters, Pikachu, and whatnot.

As for social grace, I try to keep myself neat and tidy. My morning routine is to wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, put on deoderant and acne cream (don’t judge me), comb hair, shave (if needed), and I shower every night. I can’t say the same thing about all other kids out there, but of the popular social activities out there have sloppy boys (and sometimes girls), so it isn’t really something you can hold against Pokemon.


@GadgetJax: Unfortunately, you rather overestimate the impact Fairy had on the competitive scene (particularly straight Fairy. It has had nearly no impact throughout its life; one or two Regionals runs excluded).

I was often surprised by just how bad this was even Seniors, honestly. I’d have thought parents would impart some sort of guidance, but it’s surprising just how often that this isn’t the case.


Last post before I power down and box up the iMac for the move:

@KPiplup nailed this @GadgetJax. While your reply is certainly fair in an analytical sense, you aren’t thinking like a tween female. There is nothing about Pokemon that a tween girl can connect with in the game. Xerneas EX had to be great. And it was a dud. There is no particular archetype that my daughter connects with. She connects with Fairy to be sure! She keeps trying to make it work. For example: She begged me to buy the M Diance promo pack. I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. You have to give her props for sticking with M Gardevoir in the sense that she won’t deviate from what she connects with in spite of the metagame (i.e.: Israel Sosa).

But please know that I wasn’t looking for a personal account of your hygiene. You must realize that it only takes 2-3 offenders to make a pre teen disgusted by her surroundings.


What does this have to do with tween girls?

  1. Not all girls are going to find the Fairy-Type appealing. I mean, most Pokémon are at least a little cute (shudders sorry Trubbish and Garbodor) and while I have no idea how it breaks down, pink isn’t the only color girls find appealing. Is it even the most appealing color to a tween girl?

  2. Every Type needs to “be a contender”. Ideally every Pokémon is going to have some competitive use (even if somewhat minor) because as far as I can tell, every Pokémon is someone else’s favorite. So the smart money is on keeping the appeal as broad as possible by keeping the metagame as balanced as possible while keeping filler to a minimum.

Now… are your kids liking Hearthstone for Hearthstone or liking it for visuals and the fact that it is still a relative novelty? You’re well aware of my bias; I tried the game, really pushed myself in it and really, really hated it. There are some problems unique to it that aren’t in the Pokémon TCG. There are some problems unique to Pokémon that don’t exist in Hearthstone. There are a lot of problems still being sorted out with the PTCGO. I can’t really recommend Pokémon or Hearthstone to anyone until the-powers-that-be change their approach to TCGs… and that ain’t happening.

I am so tired of wondering how much skill actually matters because of so many additional luck elements in addition to a randomized deck order because losing due to luck might feel even worse than due to my own mistakes and winning due to luck doesn’t feel as good as winning through skill. I’m not saying skill doesn’t play a role or that there shouldn’t be any element of luck, I’m saying that the way things are there is too much for me and I don’t consider myself an exceptionally good or bad player.

I don’t think many would mistake me for an exceptionally good player. :wink:


Almost forgot why I came here:


This is a web comic that follows the (mis)adventures of the supervillain “Crimson Claw”… which includes managing family as well as his super villain empire. Trust me, it is better than I’m making it sound (I am trying to avoid spoilers). A little while ago there was a call for fan scripts. I submitted one and…

…like so many things I do it was too long and complicated. Fortunately, the guy behind it was able to salvage it and the above link is directly to that script. Yeah, I manage to go by “Otaku” there as well.


I’m willing to bet a reasonably large amount of money that a real life, face-to-face Hearthstone tournament would entail meeting people whose personal hygiene was as bad, if not worse, than that of the average Pokemon player :wink:

(I know this isn’t the point of @Patrick1865 's post, just saying that it’s a demographic thing, rather than a specifically Pokemon thing).