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Do you mean competitive as in:
acquire the cards to be competitive on PTCGO?
acquire the skill to be competitive in live play?


Yeah but think how many exclusives we PCs gamers get and there’s always the chance you can find the rom of the game somewhere


The cards to be competitive.


PTCGO’s market works based on packs. There is a thread on the ptcgo forums trading section titled “Top Cut Trading [with whatever iteration its on now]” that lists the values of cards they sell stuff at. If you subtract 1 to 3 packs of value off of their valuations, thats the approximate price you can buy anything with packs on public trades (unopened packs are the virtual currency of choice on PTCGO, with plasma packs being valued the most as well as the most recent set’s packs typically)


Emphasis added.

Piracy doesn’t really count as a “feature” in my book, especially as people do it for consoles as well.

I get why some people prefer PC gaming. Unsurprisingly since I do prefer consoles (specifically Nintendo consoles), I easily understand that as well. There are so many factors that go into this equation; I got my first home video game console (a Nintendo Entertainment System) not quite a week after the Christmas of '89 or '90. My family didn’t get our first desktop computer until the '96/'97 school year; I was still in High School at the time and an instructor either insisted that an assignment be handed in typed or written neatly in pen. It has been so long I don’t clearly remember, and I don’t remember if the assignment was refused or simply docked points, but either way it convinced my mom that we needed a computer because it was a pain having me stay after school to use their computer lab all the time.

So I was long established playing “video games” before “computer games” and thus the former shaped my expectations and preferences. Obviously this distinction is slowly, slowly eroding.


At the risk of once again utterly failing to get something done, I am hoping this weekend to finish an article on this as per a request I received. It isn’t for this site because already have the “PTCGO Trade Advice & Value Speculation!” Thread. Note: This is not a trading thread, but an advice/speculation thread; don’t use it to arrange trades but to make inquiries about how to trade and whether or not a trade seems like a good deal. The big advice is don’t open boosters you can trade!


I am a Citizen of Colombia. And I already went to the support Pokemon page.
They said I don’t even need to be a citizen, but as long as I’m there the whole season, I only need CPs required for Colombia.


Sorry but,
I am confused and don’t understand this:

and also, How do you know that



I mean that there are no Premier Events in Colombia. This is a search for any and all events in the past year through a year in the future within a 250 mile radius of Bogotá:

So, what I mean is that there are no CP-yielding events and limited OP presence at all. Next closest events are in Costa Rica and they appear to also not be Premier. Closest Premier Events are Brazil and Puerto Rico.


Seriously, here is not a place to try and start a flame war - I know we get a crapton of exclusives. I am totally against console gaming, but do you see me preaching around as to how all console players are idiots? No. There’s no point. @Otaku is entitled to his opinion, there’s no need to try and change it.


Wait . . . what?

I didn’t see @PokemonBattlez or anyone else call anyone an idiot. The discussion seems reasonable to me so there’s no need to start using provocative terms like ‘flame war’. Use the report button for objectionable content and leave the modding to the mods please.

I have various consoles and I also play PC games. Why limit yourself when so much choice is available?


First of all, why are you moving to Columbia? (curiosity) And second, in south America and Africa, many countries have a low playerbase. In South America, a country that does have a large playerbase is Brazil. You may have to fly a lot to other countries to take place in tournaments. Finally, I just searched the PLAY POINTS for Columbia to see if anyone has those and they do. So we know there is at least some sort of pokemon event somewhere in there.


Anyone want to play BJF on Lackey?


I’m sure if you elaborated on what BJF is I could give a definite answer.


Base/Jungle/Fossil ~~~


Oh, okay. I don’t actually have BJF deck then…


I can’t believe I lost this game of monopoly. I am the owner of all the mortgaged property @.@


Inb4 @sibon tells everyone my life story just from the information from my photo.


Have you tried that card pool with Energy Removal and Super Energy Removal banned? Opens things up a lot.


No, it seems really interesting. Exeggcutor+Venusaur seems like it might be way too powerful.