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Sweet! That sounds much better than PTCGO!


Quick notice: TCG ONE has already removed Lysandre’s Trump Card from Standard and Expanded.

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Welp… That means I have to redo twenty or so decks…

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Anyone ready for the return of durant in expanded?


I already have my Durant deck ready on TCGOne lol

I’m ready for free wins, I guess?

I’d stand by the discourse that went down in this thread for sure. Not much has changed.

Durant without Rotom or Jarm?

I’m not worried.

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The only thing Durant has:

You can use the Ninjask/Bunnelby engine in this thread with Skyfield, SSU, Switch, and the like to mill as many cards as you can with Ninjask and then mill 4 with Durant. You also have repeat ball to stream Durant, and Klinklang PLS to prevent a chunk of the format from attacking.

Not as strong as before? Maybe, but a free win? Not at all.


That thing would beat itself.


No, drop the Bunnelby. Ninjask/Durant/Kinklang.

Also, please explain how

For streaming Durant might as well use Level Ball. Or you could use both. Just remember - this is expanded :smile:

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Is it cute and potentially decent at a League Challenge for fun or something? Sure. But Durant wasn’t even big when it was gift-wrapped Rotom, Junk Arm, and a meta that struggled to OHKO it.

Repeat Ball? This thing wasn’t even “great” with Level Ball.

Klinklang? Tried and failed. I assure you.

Here: If Durant is so good, why didn’t it dominate Fall Regionals?

It wasn’t great before, so it’s not exactly got a ton of room to fall.

I’ve had Decent results with Ninjask/Bunnelby, so…

Possibly because you’ve been playing on TCGone.


That seems like an unfair indicative of TCG ONE.


The problem with Ninjask/Bunnelby that I’ve encountered while testing it myself is that there are too many margins for error.

Seimitoad-EX? It’s locking you out of Items for the entire game since you have no way to knock it out.

If you get a bunch of cards Prized, you have no way of recovering them without using Rotom. Oh, and Rotom rotated. Drat.

If you’re up against any deck that does 70 or more for a single Energy, you’re as good as toast.

Overall, Ninjask/Bunnelby is just going to be a gimmick deck like the Team Magma cards and most of the really great Stage 2’s. You can play 'em with the pros, win a few games, but then get slaughtered the rest of the time, which is disappointing because Ninjask/Bunnelby is one of the most fun decks I’ve played so far with Roaring Skies, so it’s really annoying to know that it probably won’t amount to anything other than a pro playing it and doing good with it once in a blue moon.

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Is testing on other online simulators much better? Online simulators in general don’t always feel the most competitive to me.

PTCGO is infinitely better if you’re willing to make the investment (I will admit that said investment is a small downside). 9/10 games in random battle are against competitive, meta decks, and the tournaments are often very competitive.

Also, you can happen against some really great players. I’ve played against Pooka, Israel Sosa, Jason Klacizynski, and Chris Fulop this year alone.

Personally wouldn’t count any online sim too highly, not hating on TCGOne specifically.