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Team Fishknuckles. I highly recommend them.

Well, Pokebeach is back online. And, it’s…


No, really, you guys need to see it RIGHT NOW! The changes they made are really nice, and everything feels fresh! It’s just too bad that some people can’t enjoy it cough cough


This is awesome! I can get what I want, when I want. Now let’s learn how to navigate the new site…

Pics of the new site?

Maybe you should go on it…

Results of an official competition held today in Nagoya, Japan (Expanded-format):

Division A (Non-masters)
Winner: Raichu XY / Leafeon PLF / Deoxys-EX
Runner-up: Seismitoad-EX / Garbodor DRX

Division B (Masters)
Winner: Raichu XY / Garbodor DRX / Wobbuffet PHF
Runner-up: Latios-EX ROS / First Ticket

The most popular deck archetypes in qualifying rounds: M Rayquaza-EX (Colorless) and Seismitoad-EX.


So donk decks are a thing again now…weak sauce.
First Ticket isn’t in standard format. (Dragon Vault card)

And Raichu is big too. OHKO Shaymin EX’s all day.

I would if I could, but I can’t connect. That’s why I’m asking for screenshots.

Here is a video, with Screen Shots.

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The interesting thing about Latios/First Ticket is that after the XY rule changes, First Ticket was decreed to be completely useless/have no effect. This was supposedly at Japan’s behest, so I’m intrigued at the difference.

This is sad… May I know the reason you got banned there?

Really? I don’t think Japan has ever adopted said rule change.

I think @GadgetJax got banned for using scans for his Blog.

This is ridiculous… So anyone posting PokeBeach scans here would get banned there as well?

Well there could be more to the story, but I agree. It is ridiculous, if that is the only reason.

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Well, if you own a website, you can run it in as stupid a way as you like. You are free to be as fair or unfair as you please, and no one has any ‘rights’ other than the right to just walk away.


[Dylan “ExoByte” Mayo said on 10/04/2013, 01:36 PM:][1]

Quote Originally Posted by Big Daddy Snorlax:
The problem with First Ticket is that it says to play it before the coin flip, but under the new rules the coin flip comes before you draw cards to get First Ticket. It may be corrected by an errata, or it may just be a card that can never be played. -BDS

I’ve kicked off communications w/ Creatures about how we want to handle this. I hope to have an answer Soon™.

Can anyone find a reply from Creatures?

Creatures told them to do that (the aforementioned “Japan’s behest”). Which fails to explain its appearance in a Japanese deck.

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Well, the site’s forum post box says, “don’t advertise other Pokemon Fansites” So, maybe his blog counted?

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why is first ticket considered null???