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Bulbapedia has theme deck lists.

It was decided that PTCGO trading was best done on their forums. No real need for a discussion here.


I want to vote for Skull Kid but he’s already an Assist Trophy. I want to vote for Zoroark but he is already a pokeball. I want to vote for Chrom but he’s already in a final smash…

If 3rd party characters are counted I’d love Shadow. Sabeleye would be cool. So would Gengar. IDK who to vote for…


Thanks. I wasn’t sure where they had those listed. Would you recommend one or is one about as good as any other?


Red Genesect Collection and Tins


Isn’t that pre-XY though? A lot has changed since then.


A useful thread for PTCGO players is the PTCGO Trade Advice & Value Speculation! thread. This is not a thread to make trades in! It is to learn how to trade better (seems like almost every player gets ripped early on, even if they are good at trading IRL). Just reading through the read should be a huge help.


I agree. The best way to get cards is to buy them individually (Theme Decks are really for people with zero cards) of course to do that you need to know what deck you want to play. I like Super Games for buying individual cards, but I’m sure there are other options.


I choose you–PROTO MAN!


Shouldn’t we have the greatest Mega Man ever… Zero. :wink:

Somehow I don’t think creating an even cooler robot that would thwart his own plans as time progressed would be how he proved himself over Light… but he should probably just take it that way and be happy. :slight_smile:


Well, I was also thinking that getting the XY Fairy Theme deck might be a better “My first deck” experiment.


To me, they are the same. (After all they’re both red, I didn’t call the Red Mega Man “Proto Man” until I read the MMX comics.)


…but Blues/Proto Man/Break Man really is a different character. I guess he does have a somewhat similar personality. Sword versus shield is kind of funny… and you replace a scarf with long hair… wow, they are more similar than I thought.


Changing the subject, but what’s the demand to release mother 3 outside of Japan?


I’m SUPER excited as I just got 400 pokemon tcg online codes online and they should be arriving in the mail shortly. I’ll tell if I get anything good :slight_smile:


Good question; I really don’t know. =P I hear about it often enough but I don’t know how much of that are people really wanting it and how many are people that just feel they should support it: to give you an idea I support Mega Man Legends 3 being released because it feels wrong not to, but I never much cared for that sub-series (though Servbots are awesome!). So I won’t sign a pledge to buy it, but I did sign the petition to have it made (though I did hope to eventually get it).

I thought the Mother/Earthbound series looked really cool but missed out when Earthbound came out originally (the ad campaign made it look really stupid, FYI). Well, after being psyched for it for a few years I kept learning more and more about Earthbound (including the meaning of some symbolism) and… I dunno if I could enjoy it anymore. This then carries over into Mother 3.

I don’t know if (in this regard) I’m quite abnormal or if a lot of others by now just stopped caring as much.


ugh for me it takes about 90 seconds for each pack to open, bad internet i guess…


PTCGO not working for anyone else? Takes 20ish seconds to complete 1 fairy transfer. Had to max potion a Malamar with 5 energy…


Soooo…according to my calculations, it’ll only take me ten hours just to open the packs. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Also, I’ll tell you guys if I pull anything interesting or cool in thoseacks.


My pulls out of a $20 first edition box… Kinda fitting that 3 out of 4 of my ultras were Rayquaza…


Dude, nice pulls! I can tell you right now, M Rayquaza isn’t cheap…