"Gardy Boys in Dallas" – 1st Place Dallas Regionals 2017 Tournament Report

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Nice job at Dallas! What do you think the Vespiquen matchup is? In my testing, playing 3-4 Klefki is bliss, but I was wondering on your thoughts on the matchup since I’m trying to decide if I should play Yveltal/Garb or Vespiquen for an upcoming league cup.

Where is the League Cup located if I might ask?

It is in the Toronto region, an I am in seniors.

Vespiquen is pretty inconsistent not sure you’d wanna be playing that in Bo1

I played m gardevoir sts at a league cup two weeks ago, and my win and in was against vespiquen. Should be an easy match, as you just Lysandre around klefki, hex on pivotal turns, and if you run Karen then play it. Getting 210 is hard for vespiquen, and you’re getting rid of bench liabilities like shaymin and hoopa.

The matchup is heavily favored for Gardevoir. Rattata, Lysandre, Hawlucha, and Escape Rope are all amazing in that matchup. I can also lysandre and ohko Shaymin easily.

Okay, this helps me a ton. I think I’ll play Yveltal/Garb. Thanks for the help, I don’t have a Gardy deck built so I can’t test against it.:grinning:

Solid 8/10 on title wordplay :slight_smile: