Gardevoir SW, Gallade SW, Techs // HP-on


When the scans translations for Secret wonders were released, many players immediately jumped all over the idea of Gardevoir/Gallade, aka “PLOX”. The idea behind the deck was to use Gardevior (reg, not Lv. X)'s attack “Psychic Lock” (hence the name PLOX, Psychic LO CK/X) and delay your opponent from doing anything for a long time.

You would also use Gardevoir’s ability, “Telepass” to help set up. Very similar to Smeargle UD, but on a stage 2.

Gallade was used to one shot everything. It could do 180 for 3 energy, pretty much unheard of at the time.

Claydol was used as then’s Jirachi EX or Slurpuff PHF (yeah, yeah yeah). It helped PLOX get set up more consistently and faster.

Windstorm was used to counter Cessation Crystal, which nullified both Telepass and Cosmic Power, and, most importantly, Crystal Beach. Crystal Beach was considered by many to be the most powerful card against PLOX, and PLOX needed an answer.

Weavile saw a bit of play in later variations of the deck. It was used for it’s ability to accelerate energy in large quantities, especially after the rotation of Scramble Energy and Double Rainbow Energy.

Jolteon * wasn’t played much, but Jason Klaczynski(?) used in his worlds-winning list. It allowed him to flip 1 less prize when attacking with Gallade, and allowed him to hit decent math when dealing with opposing Piplups.


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Does anyone have any HP-MD Pl0X lists besides the World Championship Deck?


I do, somewhere. I’ll check for you.


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This is the list I used to get Top 4 at US Nationals in 2008:

2 Claydol GE
2 Baltoy GE
1 Ralts SS
3 Ralts SW
3 Kirlia SW
2 Gallade SW
3 Gardevoir SW
1 Gardevoir LV. X
1 Duskull SW
1 Dusknoir L42 DP
1 Tauros CG
1 Phione MD
2 Warp Point
4 Double Rainbow Energy
2 Scramble Energy
4 Psychic Energy
1 Fighting Energy
4 Call Energy
4 Rare Candy
2 Cessation Crystal
1 Phoebe’s Stadium
1 Windstorm
2 Night Maintenance
2 Castaway
1 Roseanne’s Research
4 Celio’s Network
3 Team Galactic’s Wager
1 Copycat
1 Steven’s Advice

I should have played 1 Jirachi EX


Why did you play 3 Ralts from Secret Wonders? The Ralts from Sandstorm looks better in all scenarios. Also, why did you play 3 Team Galacti’s Wager? Is there any point in running powerful one-of draw supporters in Copycat and Steven’s Advice?


Dude, are u gonna argue w the guy who made top four at nats?


I’m sure there’s a reason, I don’t know what it is. I’m not trying to argue.


Sandstorm was 2003. That’s why.


Except it was reprinted in EX Power Keepers, so it would be like calling Darkrai-EX NXD like calling Darkrai-EX LTR, or Empoleon DEX Empoleon PLF, and then claiming that both were from 2012 as justification for not running it in Yveltal/Night March respectively just because that’s the card from the set that is currently tournament legal, despite it being a reprint.


SS Ralts was reprinted in DF, not PK iirc.

Ralts SW had +10 Weakness instead of x2, and 10 extra HP. That was reason enough for a lot of people to prefer it.


Yea the +10 HP and only +10 weak were pretty big - I don’t remember all the reasons why, but mirror certainly. Running one of the SS one let you OHKO or finish a KO on a Gardevoir sometimes.

Team Galactic’s Wager was one of the big reasons Gardevoir was so dominant that year. If you won a Wager and maintained a Psychic Lock, the opponent’s resources were severely limited and you had a lot of control over the game. Even if you lost, you had Claydol and Telepass to refresh your hand. Since you only really needed to win one in most games, 3 seems like the correct number to give you the best odds. Wager decided many mirror matches, as both players would Psychic Lock.

Copycat and Steven’s Advice just gave you more supporters and made the deck more consistent, as in any format. There was no particular reason other than that. They are similar to playing 1 Colress 1 Cheren in decks today, except Steve’s Advice was much better than Cheren :P. Each was better in different situations.

It should be noted that my list was a bit non-standard, especially in its Trainers. No one else ran Castaway/Cessation Crystal, for example.

Feel free to ask any questions - I love talking about old formats!