"Gardevoir’s Guide to the Galaxy" – The Thoroughly Comprehensive Guide to All Things Gardevoir in BKT-BUS


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Just wanted to give kudos for this article. It was awesome.

Your matchups section was stellar. Having an outlined game plan against each other deck is amazing. I much appreciate that than an off the cuff Win/Loss probability.

I would love more articles just like this.


These are the best type of articles, couldn’t agree more. Great read and so helpful.


Thanks for the positive feedback!


Really awesome article. My son, a very young junior (seven), plays Gardy at the moment. I will get him to read this article so he can read your tips on the various matchups, and maybe optimize his list a bit.
As he as only been playing since August, though watching it being played for 2 years with his elder brother, we have decided to run a 2-2 octillery line, so that he is consistently getting his bench setup in a similar way. I will, however, get him to test a 1-1 line now that he is more practiced with the deck/game.


I’m very torn the the 1-1 line vs 2-2 line. I’d love to fit in a 2-2 line but struggle to find the space