Gardevoir Gx discussion Thread and variants


I notices there was a lack of a Gardevoir discussion and I decided to create one. Feel free to post ideas matchups strategies and lists onto this discussion page.

This is a list I have been playing for gardevoir gx.

4 ralts
3 kirlia
3 gardevoirgx
1 gallade
3 eevee
2 sylveon gx( helps in mirror)
2 tapu lele gx
4 sycamore
4 n
3 guzma
1 acerola
1 brigette
4 ultra ball
4 rare candy
1 rescue strecher
1 super rod
1 field blower
2 choice band
2 float stone
2 parallel city(for metagross)
8 fairy energy
4 double colorless energy

As you can see I opted to not use Octillery I think sylveon is better. Gallade is for zoroark gx .


I don’t think you need 7 outs to a Gardy. I think you should go down to 2 Kirlia, but beside that, the list looks good.


replace the 3rd kirlia with ?


Honestly don’t know. 4th Guzma? 2nd Acerola? Field Blower? It is honestly up to preference, but I am thinking personally of Acerola.


Ya altough the field blower is tempting as well as the guzma. I could always add another lele or make space for a 1-1 zoroark gx line.


What would the Zoroark line help with?


just play pablo meza’s list


I prefer to not play that exact list mine is already pretty similar.

I could use that with the gallade


All gardevoir lists are literally three cards off at most,

Because you don’t already use octillery with gallade?


Yes that is true

I dont play octillery


What (20 characters)


What do you mean exactly.

I dont


I mean why the hell wouldn’t you be playing octillery?


Just to clarify, he’s talking about why play Zoroark over octillery.


He’s not even running octillery in the first place he’s trying to cut things to add zoroark???


Pablo Mensa apparently made a stream about Zoroark over octillery in the deck. Haven’t seen it or tried it. I suppose something to try. Still prefer octillery though.


Zoroarks gonna be garbage in this. Gallade octillery is strictly the better engine for this. And also, try not to post comments to answer rethorical questions.


To clarify what I said, better with or without a sylveon line.


Ive been trying to test with this nothing is set in stone. I just posted what is working for me currently. The deck is already quite consistent. Yes octilleery could help but I do not want to deal with that line unless absolutely nescesary. The zoroark has been working well too. I will use that if it makes my deck better. Now let me ask you. Have you tried even with zoroark yet? If you have you would see the benefits in this deck.

You haven’t even tested it. Honestly it works well.

THat is your opinion mine is that zoroark works well. I however havent made it definite in the list yet.

Here is an article on the subject.Please read as it explains the merits of both cards.


How do you know I haven’t tested it? I’m fine that you think that Zoroark is good in Gardy. We’re both entitled to our own opinion. But in my opinion, the best way to run Gardy is with a Sylveon line and an Octillery line.