Garchomp BKP / Hawlucha FFI / Garbodor BKP (Standard)

So it has been quite a long time since I have last posted here on 6P But i thought i would bring up a deck i have been working on for standard. With all the support that fighting has from furious fists it is a no brainer to play the new garchomp while paired with our favorite little “Hawk Hogan” The main goal is to open with a hawlucha, getting the early damage while setting up your first gible, and getting garbodor started. From there, you basically just beatdown anything they throw at you with garchomp while keeping abilities from being useful with garbodor. essentially rendering Shaymin EX and any Bats Decks useless. The fact the Deck plays 0, thats right Zero EX’s is a huge plus, while still being able to take quick 1HKO’s with garchomp. Anyways, lets get to the list, and mind you guys, this is still a work in progress and will need adjusting.

Pokemon : 16
4-Garchomp BKP
1-Garbite BKP
3-Gible BKP
4-Hawlucha FFI
2-Trubbish BKP
2-Garbodor BKP

Supporters- 12
3-Maxie’s Hidden Ball Trick


4- Ultra Ball
3- Muscle Band
3-Vs Seeker
3-Rare Candy
2- Float Stone
1-Super Rod

Stadiums- 4
4- Fighting Stadium

Energy- 11
7- Fighting
4- Strong Energy

Total Cards : 60

What are your opinions on this list, what can be improved? With my testing deck is very clunky, often hitting a supporter drought. My thoughts would be i need to drop gibles, and garbite for Acro Bikes, and perhaps Prof. Birch. if i dropped the basics in the line it would change the deck quite a bit and free up quite a bit of space, but at the cost of becoming more item dependent and in need of a better opener than hawlucha. Thanks for any help in advance!

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