Gallade PLS Variants // BCR-on

Dulge is an amazing ability to power up Gallade’s Powerful Storm, when it works well - it feels great. But it doesn’t always work, and I don’t really understand why - to a newb it just feels unlucky?

I’ve tried a few things to make the setup more reliable - but it’s still pretty hit and miss playing online.

What should I try next?

Pokemon - 20

3 Ralts PLS
3 Kirlia LTR
3 Gallade PLS
2 Squirtle
2 Wartortle
2 Blastoise BCR
1 Mew-EX LTR
2 Clauncher
2 Clawitzer

Trainers - 21

2 Professor Birch’s Observations
2 Tierno
2 Shauna
2 Wally
3 Pokemon Center Lady
1 Pokemon Fan Club

2 Rare Candy
2 Evosoda
4 Professor’s Letter

1 Rough Seas

Energy - 19

14 Water
5 Psychic

I just started playing online. I put this deck together form scraps and trading. I remember freaking out when I saw Powerful Storm OHKO everything after a long game with a full bench. I had an earlier attempt at this based on Sceptile PRC’s Nurture & Heal - but Blastoise seems better so far. In that deck i was much happier with Trevenant-EX’s Wood Blast than I have been with the Clawitzer FFI’s Splash Cannon. I literally have no idea with what I’m doing on item cards…

Please help :smiley:

-2 Birch
-2 Tierno
-2 Shauna
-2 Wally
-3 Pokemon centre lady
-1 Fan Club
-1 Mew
-2 Clauncher
-2 Clawitzer
-1 Wartortle
-2 Evosoda
-2 Professor’s Letter
-5 Psychic energy
-2 Kirlia

+4 Juniper
+4 N
+3 Skyla
+1 Lysandre
+2 Rare Candy
+1 Blastoise
+2 Squirtle
+4 Ultra Ball
+2 VS Seeker
+2 Acro Bike

Try that just for a start

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So I’m hearin’ beef up on the draw power :smile:

Fair enough, I’ll see if I can get some of these cards… hopefully I can figure out how to use them effectively.

The Skyla’s let me pull the Rare Candy - maybe that would help me drop the Stages 1’s. I’m pretty sure I’d miss the Wally’s. I guess I need the Ultra’s to pull the Stage 2 for use with the Rare Candy - but I’m never sure what to discard!? Maybe the Lysandre helps me get over this fear if the game goes long, or the vs seeker? I like the Shauna’s I guess because I’m scared of discarding the wrong thing - the Juniper’s always intimidate me - I know there a staple of the format, but I really feel like I’m missing something on how to use them more effectively than Birch & Shauna?

for things like Ultra ball, just discard supporters so you can get them back w/ vs. seeker. While you’re at it, try

-1 Skyla
+1 Computer Search
I don’t know what else to get rid of, but you need at least 3 VS. Seeker, and a Lysandre’s’ Trump Card (recycles your old stuff so you don’t need to worry about discarding w/ juniper and whatnot). By the way, Shauna’s a terrible card. At the very least use colress instead.

There is no reason to use Gallade PLS when we have this:

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So I’ve started to source some of these - and wow, it sets up way faster :smile:

I was already running a couple of Rare Candy - adding in the Ultra’s to help draw the Stage 2’s was key - I’m not missing the Wally’s and extra Stage 1’s so far.

I really don’t see how Shauna is terrible (seems like hyperbole) - you’re sure others are better, but it’s not really obvious to a new player why you’re so sure of that. Shauna has no downside (doesn’t refresh your opponent, keeps supports in the draw) and while maybe not pulling as many cards as others - it’s very consistent - where Colress doesn’t seem to work at all in the early game?

Little playtesting, couple of times my Blastoise gets stuck out front and I don’t want to pay his retreat cost to bring out Powerful Storm (because it pulls off 80 damage into the discard!). Should I pack switch or escape rope?

I obviously had no idea that Huntail PRC was a thing - good bye Gallade :smiley:

Thanks everyone!

You should replace Clawitzer with:

Two stage 2’s and a stage 1 is hard to play. So is 2 stage 1’s and one stage 2 too. This deck is all about 1 stage 2 and all basics.

well this [1] is awkward…


Wow so? You didn’t even use LTC in this deck…

Well, the deck I started with was not competitive at all - it was fairly broken, and I read I_Heard_You_Like_Mudkips suggestion as including a LTC (Lysandre?).

Before I made those changes I didn’t really understand why my toy deck (seriously 4 weeks) would sometimes play terrible online - or how sometimes opponents could get setup so quickly! But I think I was learning the current format leans on massive early discards (juniper, ultra) to set up quickly and then bail yourself out with LTC?

Being a complete novice I didn’t really understand that part of the meta… maybe I still don’t… still seems like shocking news!

Oh ok, well this the Lysandre:

and this is Lysandre’s Trump Card or LTC:

Since your new to the game it should be A LOT easier for you to learn how not to use LTC. Especially since none of us get to use it anymore…

oh, so I_Heard_You_Like_Mudkips was suggesting the switch and not the trump? Is the two vs seeker enough to support all the early discards?