"Fun in the Sun … and Moon" – 3 Fun Decks to Try with the New Set

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Great article and very great points about each of these 3 decks


Passimian needs FFB and hex maniac in order to deal with volcanion. Babies one shot passimian which is really bad in the prize trade because you two shot volcanion ex. Additionally, mega ray shoul be a pretty good matchup as you have an easier time attacking turn one. 4 skyfield is necessary, too, as you have to have four passimian in play at all times while trying to bench shaymin, new, and oranguru.
Lurantis needs assault vest in order to deal with mega ray. It becomes much better after that as with max potion they are forced to lysandre in order to KO anything, really, while you can lysandre shaymins for an easy two prizes as well.

I think that decedule will be really good because you can forest of giant plants and get and the. You can deal 80 damage from its ability

But then again you need a partner for it, considering how it’s attack is kinda mediocre your gonna need a partner cough cough Toad cough cough and 80 damage is much better when you pair it with lock or snipe decks.

Great article Joe! Thanks for putting the time and effort into it.

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Do you guys think any of these decks cough cough decidueye toad cough cough could be good at Anaheim?

Sorry lately I’ve been really sick. :wink:

You must be. Can’t drop a hint with those "cough"s seeing as Anaheim is standard.


Waits anaheims standard? Sorry probably wasn’t paying attention to the west coast regionals cuz was looking at eastern regionals. But now I feel legit like an idiot.:roll_eyes:

Just a question, is two ranger really necessary? The only thing that it’s useful for is jolteon and giratina, which you could probably get away with running one. I’m not an expert by any means though.

that was a typo for 2 lysandre.

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I tested the Passimian list online and Ranger is borderline useless. Bursting Balloon helps a lot more.

Hi please look above. The 2 ranger is a typo for 2 lysandre.

Balloons still help though.