Ft Wayne questions and seniors meta

Ft Wayne is coming up very soon, only 11 days away. I have a few questions about the event in general and your personal opinions. First off, where is the link to register Next, how many seniors and masters are expected to be at the event and how many rounds would that make the tournament for both age divisions. Lastly I would like to talk about the meta for this event (seniors). With dragnite ex coming out in generations this makes mega gardivour and mega rayqwaza much stronger, thus makeing other decks stronger/weaker. The most recent big standard event that was held was Liverpool in the UK. I have only seen masters results which means other divisions won’t effect the meta in seniors. Mega ray won the event, volcanion, and gardivour were the most played decks in top 32 followed by yveltal rainbow road and greninja. Personally I think seniors will be highly effected by players picking Pokémon or decks they like rather than the best play. Since mega ray and is getting a bit of hype Mega ray will see a lot of play because if there’s a deck seniors love to play its mega ray. I haven’t seen greninja break much at all in the US and it hasn’t been popular with seniors from what I’ve seen. Yveltal should get a solid amount of play because it’s yveltal and a solid deck. Mega gardivour doesn’t seem like a popular idea for the seniors meta game so it will get less than masters. Volcanion did very well in Liverpool and seems to fit the play style of the average seniors player. Final thoughts on meta:
Volcanion 20%
Mega ray:15%
Mega mewtwo :10 %
Gardivour 10%
Rainbow road 7.5%
Darkrai girintina garb:5%
Greninja, villeplume, scizor, and garadose:17.5%
What would you change about this meta prediction?

Liverpool was not GEN legal. Fort Wayne is the first weekend GEN is legal.

These sets were so poorly named. I’m assuming, for clarification, that you mean Evolutions, not Generations.


Whoops, I always get them mixed up! You assume right, sorry.

Honestly, after having recently finished up my seniors career, there’s no such thing as a seniors meta.


The play is whatever tanner Hurley plays.


Considering he played Trevenant in Philadelphia, I can’t argue with this.

I would disagree. While seniors meta is quite random, you can still predict it based on popularity of certain decks in general, and what has been doing well recently.

Or by what decks Seniors like the most and think play cool lol

No you can’t. It’s seniors.


That’s what I meant by popularity

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Good seniors last year consistently did well, so there is clearly some meta to predict. You can’t win a tournament purely on skill.

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I think the senior division meta is very similar to the masters division. At the the end of a tournament my son and I will have usually played against a similar assortment of decks.