Front Page Bugs


Cool, I don’t have the logins quite synced how I want yet, but ideally you’ll always be logged into both the homepage and forums at the same time.


Anyone that is having login troubles, please try using a fresh Chrome Incognito window and see if that clears up the issue. If so, then that means you’ll need to clear your cookies to get everything working.

I tried clearing sitewide cookies today, but I’m not sure it worked because of number of users are reporting login troubles.


Another bug: I found out that I can at present only add 201 members to a forum group, and we’ve hit that limit with Underground members. I’ve made a request to the developers of the forum software to lift the limit.

Hopefully this is fixed soon, but otherwise if you are an Underground member and don’t have access to the UG forum discussions, please message the authors directly if you have any questions!


I don’t know if this is related to this issue or not, but I am unable to sign in on my phone (preventing me from reading underground articles on it.) Chome browser, Android OS (Ice Cream Sandwich.)

Edit: I tried logging in in an Incognito tab and it worked. I’ll be clearing my cookies.


Good to hear Incognito worked! I tried to do some cookie magic myself so ya’ll wouldn’t have to reset them, but guess I didn’t finesse things quite right.