Front Page Bugs


I’ve finally uploaded the new front page design I’ve been working on for a couple weeks, but am already coming across some bugs I didn’t encounter when I was in the development environment.

Please let me know if you came across anything funky. I’m currently trying to get the BBS feed on the right side sorted out – something isn’t right with it at the moment.


The BBS feed seems to work ok for me.

The ‘bbs’ title seems very feint though. I dunno if you want it to stand out a bit more?


What browser do you use?


‘Never anything but Firefox for as long as I’ve been on the internet’ he said, inserting a useless bit of information to meet the character requirement.


BBS feed fixed – that took me way too long to figure out. It should now show topics based on your forum permissions, so like if you’re an Underground member it’ll list the UG article topics (they are hidden otherwise). It will also show if you have any notifications or private messages to the right of the logo.

BBS logo should also be fixed now for Firefox and IE users.


Whoa, what happened? I can’t find the link to edit posts/articles.

I like the guidelines that appear when I post :slight_smile:


I just screwed something up. By tomorrow morning I’ll hopefully have everything back to normal. For the time being, access on the front page will be limited.


Everything is under control now, but some “Likes” were lost from articles. I will probably end up having to remind everyone to re-like any UG articles at the end of the month.


Is there any way to integrate the old article thumbnail pictures into the new front page layout? Possibly squeeze the title and other info and add it as a square on the left? A few people who I was talking about the update with mentioned this and I agree. I feel like it would add a bit more to the aesthetics; although the front page is really sleek, I feel as if it’s somewhat bland.


I tried incorporating the thumbnail during development, but ended up dropping it for a few reasons:

  1. It makes the layout look terrible on mobile. The spacing is very difficult to control with the thumbnail size we were using, even on normal-sized devices, because of the varying title lengths. You can try resizing your browser to a narrow width if you’re on a desktop or laptop to see there isn’t much space. Things can get really crammed if the title is long, and I’d rather have a good title than a good thumbnail.

    If there was only one size screen to design for, then it would be easier to design around the thumbnail, but when there are an infinite number of screen sizes out there, I think I need to make sure the design works well at any width. I feel like tablets and smartphones are only getting more and more ubiquitous.

  2. I want to put more of an emphasis on the authors themselves, so instead your forum avatar will show up. (Log out and back log in from the home page to get it to sync.)

    Once the avatars start getting synced, the listings will look less bland and I think readers will become accustomed to looking for articles from specific authors. The thumbnail could be shown in this spot, but I think writers will like seeing their avatar on the page and readers will feel more of a connection with them.

  3. It saves me a lot of work to not have to search for a thumbnail image. It can take me a while to find a good one, and at some point I want to allow editors to feel comfortable publishing submissions themselves. (Right now, I’m the one who always hits the publish button.) It’s hard to find good a thumbnail and eliminating it makes publishing process simpler for editors.

    At some point I might even allow for approved authors who don’t need to “submit for review” and can publish on their own, and again I don’t want them to have to worry about finding a thumbnail.

  4. I want to start moving away from having so many images associated with the articles. I still need to work on font sizes and spacing to improve readability, but I want to encourage more actual reading rather than looking at pictures.

The thumbnails did look cool, and even I’m surprised I dropped them, but I’m pretty sure it’s the right move.

One thing I’ve got on my to do list that will help with the blandness is to dull links to articles that you’ve read, so then unread articles will stand out. (Gotta read 'em all.)


I can see why they were omitted with those reasons! Didn’t know about the author images so thanks for clarifying that and that should prove to be a good alternative. One bug on the front page was that I couldn’t log off with the button in the top right, I had to go to the account button and log out from there. Also, is there any way we could have the 6p logo in the top left link to the front page and let the bbs link to the main forum page or is that not an option?


No more Friend Sites links?


I think the idea is to have it as clean and uncluttered as possible. Friend site links aren’t really necessary,


Hmm, weird. The whole log in/off process isn’t quite where I want it yet – I have a new payment processor that is like 90% implemented, but I can’t activate it until the new version of a plugin I purchased is updated. (It was supposed to be updated like 3 weeks ago.) Once I get the updated version I’ll be able to remove all links to the old member pages and control the login processes much better.

I’ll look into that. I tried that initially but there was the spacing issue. I then added the battlefield background and moved stuff around, so things changed from when I first attempted to fit it in. I’ll try experimenting with it again. The logo does still appear in browser tabs, so I kind of felt it might be redundant to show it again.

Nope. Like @baby_mario said I want to keep things uncluttered. I didn’t feel they were necessary.


I changed the behavior of the latest BBS topics sidebar so that the topics are loaded with the page (and not after the page load). I noticed some issues with the infinite scrolling when the topics were loaded afterward. The purpose of loading them afterward was to speed the initial page load, but sometimes the topics would then not load which I think made the infinite scrolling not work.

So page loads will be a bit slower, but functionality should be better.


Improved the way images are handled, so now the file sizes will be optimized (i.e. smaller) and images will only load once they are in view on your screen. This should help speed up initial loads of articles.


I found a better way to handle image optimization, so I’m running a script to compress all images ever uploaded to our server. It’s going to take about 24 hours for this process to complete. In the meantime, the site might be a little sluggish and there will be broken image links for users that aren’t logged in. After this process done, images should load significantly faster. File sizes are being reduced by as much as 87%.


Small note: The feed of articles doesn’t always seem to keep an updated count of the amount of comments. Like right now, Baby Mario’s article only says 23 comments on the front page (at least, for my view), when in actuality it has like 36.


If you’re logged in to the home page, the counts should be current. When you’re logged out, a cached version of the page that might be a day or two old will show (using a cached page helps conserve server resources and speed page loads).

Are you logged in on the home page @rustedspork?


Sorry for the delay. I forgot about this thread for a bit.

Didn’t realize the homepage and the BBS weren’t linked in that way. Logging into the homepage seems to have fixed that issue. Thanks for the heads up there.