Front page article categories


I want to rework the front page article categories somewhat and am open to any input you guys might have. My goal here is to allow writers to select a category when they write (the selection box was previously hidden), so I need to consolidate and make it easy for writers to pick a category and get focused and inspired. Also, I’m wanting people to write articles on just one topic rather than the traditional grab bag. Here are what I think are definite needs:

  • Card Commentary
  • Deck Analysis
  • Opinion
  • Tournament Report

I think I’m going to get rid of the Tournament Report subcategories (Cities, States, etc.) because the tournament structures tend to change and vary in each country. Also, I want the category selection box to be uncluttered.

These are a couple other needed categories, but are mostly reserved for special circumstances:

  • News
  • Underground

And there is a default “Uncategorized” category. I think there should to be more than that, but I’m not totally sure.

###Other Ideas

  • Mini

@baby_mario and I talked a little bit about a “Mini” category, for articles less than 1,000 words, but I’m not sure if this needs to be a category. I think you’d always have some other category picked first and the word count shows for all articles anyway. However, having it filed under “Mini” would tell people it’s purposely short and you weren’t being inadvertently lazy, so it’s probably worth including.

  • Beginner

This was an old category that people used to write for to give tips to beginning players (a lot of “how to prepare for your first tournament” type articles), but at this point the site is geared more toward intermediate and above players and I’m not sure a beginner would even stumble across any article intended for them. I’m leaning toward removing this for a more general advice category.

  • Tips and Strategy

This is a current category, but I don’t really like the name. It’s too vague to me – pretty much any article could be filed under it.

  • Pro Tip

My intentions are for a category to house both general and specific advice. So anything from a morning tournament preparation routine to a strategy in the Virizion/Genesect vs. Yveltal/Garbodor matchup. I’m thinking these articles should be short and to the point, and “Pro Tip” probably conveys that.

  • Throwback

As interest grows around old formats, maybe a “Throwback” category would be welcomed? I’m sure there are people out there who would love to write about old decks. I know @JayHornung has something in the works. Though, anything filed under Throwback would probably be in the Deck Analysis category too. Throwback would at least signify an article not on the current format.

Any other ideas?


There aren’t any news articles and set reviews can go under card commentary


As I said before, I really like the idea of promoting mini articles, as it encourages more people to write and opens up more topics for discussion (not everything worthwhile needs 5,000 words). Without a specific category, people will just think it’s an unusually short article, and therefore likely to be bad.

Way I see it, mini articles have to be FP quality, just like the longer stuff. It’s not a license to be shallow or write about something you don’t know much about. It’s a good place for people to write opinion pieces or talk about one very specific topic or issue.

Thinking about it, my suggestion would be to make the type of article the first category

  • Article
  • Underground
  • Mini
  • News (is this needed?)

And then have a sub-category relating to the content

  • card commentary
  • deck analysis
  • opinion
  • tournament report
  • Pro tip
  • throwback

That way people can see that something is an article that is a tournament report, or a mini that is a pro tip etc.


I seldom post announcements related to the 6P which is why I have a news category. Maybe I just post those types of things to the “news” category on here and make use of the email list to promote them instead. (I need to do some work on the email list…) I’ve got one last news announcement I was planning to publish about the relaunch in the next couple days then I’ll probably nix the category.

The two-pronged categorization looks interesting. Underground articles often end up being on a variety of stuff, so I usually just categorize them in Underground (I want to limit the categories to at most two, if possible). I guess I could pick the main topic for categorizing.

“Article” might be redundant (if it’s not a mini, it should be assumed it’s an article), but for clarity it’s probably smart to use. “Full” might be an alternative label for Article.


The many articles should be highly highly focused. I see far to many

I played Blastoise because he is cool and I’m pretty good with him

Round 1:

I win my opponent wasn’t very good, so it was an easy win.


Round 2:

My opponent only had 1 basic lol


These are pretty common type of things on Pokegym. Really a thousand words or under isn’t very many words when you think about it. However it’s great for comparing 2 cards or how to tackle 1 matchup. I think helping people keep the articles focused would help shorter articles keep the quality high.


Those types of articles I will nip before they have a chance to hit the front page. One of the problems right now though is I think people have this notion that they need to write a 3,000-word article or write nothing. I want to encourage people to write more short articles on specific topics that could either provide a quick tip or start discussion. @baby_mario wrote one “mini” and has a couple more coming soon (I’ll have them published next week).


I’m just glad I never submitted the one that went ‘Round 1: I turn 2’d him lol’