"Fresh Fragrance" – A Look into Aromatisse in the NXD-FLF Format

Sitting pretty. Sitting at a very comfortable 624 CP after winning Sutton Coldfield Regional in the UK, I think I’ll have a look at one of my favourite decks in the NXD-FLF format – Aromatisse. Ever since trying this deck out, I enjoyed its mobility and ability to shift between attackers at will via Fairy Transfer. The deck has an extreme amount of options, and each Aromatisse list is different – one list is rarely the same as the other, and just 6 contrasting cards could change your whole tournament. Aromatisse uses different attackers to abuse Weakness on most decks, such as Thundurus-EX for a 100 damage Raiden Knuckle, with Muscle Band, on the popular Yveltal-EX. This is…

Link: http://www.sixprizes.com/2014/05/09/fresh-fragrance-a-look-into-aromatisse-in-the-nxd-flf-format/

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I think that you should have added Pyroar FLF into the possible inclusions list. Sure, it is a Stage 1, but it can do more than Suicune PLB can do because it also blocks non-EX Basics and can be a pain to deal with. I’m not saying it would be better than Suicune PLB would be, that would require testing it out first, but it could be good.

I also think you could have talked about the variant that does not play with Team Plasma Pokemon, but instead just runs Yveltal EX and various “hit for weakness” Pokemon, but also runs Xerneas XY to get the Energies running (albeit they only will count toward Colorless half the time).

Other than that, I think it was a good article.

Just a note on what you say about Landorus. Can you not just count your 3rd Prism or Rainbow Energy as any other energy type to only discard 2 on the 150 Land’s Judgment?

Nope, as Prism/Rainbow always provide any kind of energy

BTW, I personally like using 1 Suicune / 1 Palkia EX / 1 Latias EX as techs, especially now that Latias can hit Pyroar while the lion cant damage her

Also, for those suggesting to use Pyroar, dont forget you would need to alter the energy line, as Prisms become colorless (and unmovable) while on it

But both cards specifically say ‘this card provides every type of energy but provides only 1 Energy at a time’, which implies to me that they only count as one energy type at any given time so you could simply make that 1 energy anything but Fighting for that given moment.

I use giritina EX in my aromatisse list instead of Rayquaza ltr because it can KO a pyroar then not get revenge ko’d. Then you can max poiten it all away

Wishful thinking, but it doesn’t work like that.

Ah yes, of course. It means that it counts as singular energy of any type. My misinterpretation. Thanks for the replies.