Forest of Giant Plants and Archeops Banned from Expanded


I know this is old news by now, but c’mon… who isn’t excited about this!!! There are always those ridiculous cards that are in the format that when an entire set releases, people scan the new cards and check off the amount they can’t play because of said ridiculous ones. Welp, no more.

Another big step in the right direction for our (expanded) format. Really hope to start playing again next season; should be fun.


I still think they need to ban trev XY. Idk how I’m going to be able to break the format with that card still in the format. And I don’t want to run toad Tina or turbo dark or dark decks


You are going to break the format using Trev XY + Necrozma GX + Lele promo. It is going to be stupid.


Breaking the format doesn’t involve using a deck that people already know about lol


I guess my definition of breaking the format = taking a format that was diverse and turning it into a messed up cesspool of Trevenants moving damage counters everywhere while keeping your opponent from playing the game. I hate that freaking deck. Going to tech 4 Lysandre and 4 Guzma into every deck to counter it in a giant FU move of pure hate and rage. Well, I won’t go that far. But the deck really does make the eyes go red.


I agree trev is a card that I feel like should be banned by looking at the same reasoning given for the archeops and forest ban. Preventing an opponent from playing before making a move sucks