Focus Sash question

I have a question about Focus Sash:

If your opponent uses a hypno-laser and then attacks your fighting pokemon with full HP and focus sash equipped and knocks it out, then the Focus Sash kicks in, but does the 10 dmg from the poison kill your fighting pokemon in the end anyway or do you get another turn to use it? Basically does the dmg from the opponent’s attack include the poison dmg or exclude the poison dmg?

  1. Your opponent plays Laser, your Active Pokemon is Poisoned
  2. Your opponent announces their attack.
  3. You calculate damage, and if your Pokemon would be knocked out, it has 10 HP left and you discard the Focus Sash.
  4. Between turns, you check for Poison damage, add the 10 damage, and your Pokemon is KO’d.

Basically, Poison, Burn, Sleep flips . . . they all take place between turns. They aren’t part of your opponent’s attack phase.

Ah ok, that’s what I thought, but I wanted to be sure. Thanks.