Florida regionals

Anyone have info on the Florida Regionals TCG standings? Masters seniors & juniors. A pic of the top cut sheet for each would make me very happy if you have it

Don’t have any of the other two divisions, unfortunately. Was wayyy too late when Masters finished for me to want to wait for the crowd to clear after I picked up prizes…

Thanks and Congrats to Alex on Top 8!!! Good Luck today!!

I had not found anything on the FL results and was beginning to wonder if the other mouse down there in FL had sucked all the players away!

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Attendance was only 302/91/39, so you might be onto something.

Wow… That’s much lower then I expected after seeing St. Louis… Guess that’s the power of being able to drive vs fly

Seniors Final:

  1. Alex
  2. Rowan
  3. Jon
  4. Spencer
  5. JD
  6. Michael
  7. Justin
  8. Casey

Congrats Alex!!! Well deserved!


Tell Alex congrats from me!


The groudon mirror in t4 is comparable to purgatory. Enter with caution, games tied 1-1.

Was one of the most boring sets I’ve ever watched. I think 6-8 prizes were taken in total, the series took 80+ minutes.

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Man, Canaves had it until that enhanced hammer misplay. Up until then, stellar play though.

I got 15th in seniors with sableye/garbodor/bunnelby. My brother is in Juniors and somehow got top 4 with latios/altaria.

Does anyone have the top 8 masters results? I’ve only heard of Virizion/Genesect being in there.

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Look on thecharizardlounge. They have everything


Michael was playing night march and Jaxon played Keldeo Blastoise Archies with wailord

Stream link anyone 2020