"Flash, Grass, and Fast" – 9 Different Decks for Spring Regionals

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Thank you for the article Ryan! Well written and I like the lists you’ve chosen to share. I was curious though as to the exclusion of Deoxys EX in the VG list. It’s not 100 percent necessary but the extra 10 damage allows for perfect numbers on some crucial attackers. An example being a G Booster into a Mega Manectric or 170 pokemon with a FFB attached.

I realize you were trying to theme your article, but I was curious as to the seeming omission of anything regarding Trevenant Break and Primal Groudon, given that the last tournaments we had (when Trevs first became legal) they took 1st and 2nd respectively in Oregon and Florida both, if my memory serves?

Both of those decks were covered by Russell LaParre in his most recent article, so I tried to give other deck choices that hadn’t been looked at yet! Trevenant and Groudon are both really great decks though, I just didn’t want to take anything away from Russ’s good coverage.

It was actually in the deck before, but was annoying to start with and wasn’t being used as much as I thought. I was seeing literally zero Manectric-EX decks while testing, so I ended up taking it out. If I didn’t play the tool scrapper to knock off FFB’s, that spot would definitely be a Deoxys-EX to reach those perfect numbers!

Excellent article, Ryan. Not only did it allow me to visualize how interesting decks might work, it gave insight into how those pesky decks that I hate might be teched against.

Thank you for that. It’s always a bummer when your deck choice gets skipped

What would you say Turbo Flareon’s match ups are against the main stuff expected to be seen at Regionals? It beats VirGen without saying, and probably Vespiquen/Flareon too, along with maybe Raikou/Eels, but what about Yveltal, Trevenant, Groudon and Night March?

Don’t mean to hop on Ryan’s train, but the prize trade against Vespiquen, Raikou, and Night March leads me to believe that you aren’t beating those. Flareon gets shut down by item lock, so Trev beats it, Groudon keeps it from using the ability with Wobb and Groudon could probably trade too efficiently with it for it to win, and Yveltal beats it for the same reason Yveltal beats archiestoise: You have to pile on energies to Ohko, making evil ball knockouts all to real.

I wasn’t getting on the hype train. I was just wanting to know what its match ups were, so that I could apply whatever I play to how to beat it, just in case someone DOES hop on the train and play it. I’m not hyping it or expecting a lot of it, I was just curious.

No I was saying I didn’t mean to answer as Ryan, just giving input.

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No, it’s fine. Thanks for the opinion, I was skeptical about Flareon which is why I asked about its match ups.

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You’re actually right about the Vespiquen/Flareon matchup. I’ve got an extremely good win-rate against them since its very difficult to hit 210 HP without using Shaymin-EX’s, which usually leads to easy clean-up prizes. Trevenant is also a great matchup, assuming you get just ONE turn of trainers (which may not happen, though). If they get the turn one lock, its pretty annoying to deal with. Yveltal isn’t as bad as you would think and mainly depends on how Max Elixir is feeling and how quickly they can get setup. Eels/Raikou is tough to beat, Groudon is really bad, and Night March is also pretty terrible (if they can hit 210 damage). That’s what I’ve gotten from testing so far.

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