Flareon PLF/Raichu XY/ Terrakion LTR/ Garbodor LTR NXD-on



4 Eevee PLF 90

3 Flareon PLF12

2 Leafeon PLF11

1 Espeon BW92

2 Pikachu XY42

2 Raichu XY 43

2 Trubbish LTR 67

2 Garbodor LTR 68

1 Feebas FLF 22

1 Milotic FLF 23

1 Drifloon PLB 34

1 Drifblim PLB 35

1 Mr. Mime PLF 47

2 Terrakion LTR 84


4 Fighting

4 Double Colorless


4 Professor Juniper

4 N

4 Shauna

4 Ultra ball

3 Float stone

2 Silver bangle

2 Enhanced hammer

1 Startling megaphone

1 Computer Search

1 Frozen City

The strategy of the Flareon Deck version I am using is to Set up Flareon Mid-Late game to do MASSIVE damage. The techs that give this deck even match ups all across the meta game are:

Leafeon- Blastoise and an ocassionaly aromatiesse counter

Espeon- Prevents additional effects done to my Pokemon.

Raichu- LugiaEX and YveltalEX counter and can 2HKO Most EX’s in the Format.

Garbodor- Shuts off abilities.

Milotic- Gets 2 Pokemon in the Discard while getting 3 Energy out of the discard.

Drifblim PLB- Drifblim DRX doesn’t seem good and PLB Can possibly do 70 for 0 Energy and getting rid of the special Energy that ALL Plasma Decks need.

Terrakion- 2nd main attacker also countering DarkraiEX and ThundurusEX.

Ok Guys and Gals DISSCUSS!!! :slight_smile:


Driftblim DRX is better than my opinion, because of its late-game potential against not only Plasma, but Genesect (plasma energy), darkrai (dce), and the mirror matchup. Against Plasma, if you’re going to last until the late-game, they will have 4+ specials discarded.


I agree. I was actually testing my Flareon deck last night and played against TDK. Ended up winning the game with Drifblim DRX attacking a Thundurus EX for 250 damage.


Here is my updated list:


4 Eevee

3 Flareon

2 Leafeon

3 Pikachu

3 Raichu

2 Trubbish

2 Garbodor

1 Drifloon

1 Drifblim (Derail also don’t have DRX one)

2 Druddigon

1 Terrakion

1 Mr. Mime


6 Fighting

4 Double Colorless


4 Professor Sycamore

4 N

4 Shauna

4 Ultra Ball

4 Float Stone

2 Silver Bangle

1 startling Megaphone

1 Dowsing Machine

1 Frozen City

Hope you like my list!!! :slight_smile: