Flareon PLF, Leafeon PLF // NXD-on



4 eevee
2 leafeon
4 flareon
2 drifblim
2 drifbloon (shadow steal)
1 drifbloon (ability)
4 audino
2-2 garbodor
2 terrakion

4 juniper
4 n
3 skyla
2 colress
1 scramble switch
4 ultra ball
1 lysandre
2 float stone
2 enhanced hammer
2 muscle band
2 silver bangle
1 frozen city

4 fighting energy

The idea is this deck runs counters to a lot of popular decks, use the counters and discard the rest, charging up flareon. Garbodor against ability decks, flareon against virgen, leafeon against blastoise, terrakion against darkrai, drifblim against special energy and plasma. I want to add in a eaichcu line, for yveltal but cant find the space


Darkrai is dead, and I prefer Comp. Search because you can search out the crucial card you need.

Here is my list:


4 Eevee

3 Flareon

1 leafeon

1 Espeon

3 drifloon

2/1 Drifblim (Shadow Steal/ Drifting balloon)

2 Pikachu

2 Raichu

2 trubbish

1 garbodor

2 druddigon

1 Mr. Mime


5 Fire

4 double colorless


4 Professor sycamore

4 N

2 colress

1 Lysandre

1 shauna

4 Ultra Ball

3 Float Stone

2 Enhanced Hammer

1 Silver bangle

1 Muscle Band

1 Super rod

1 Startling Megaphone

1 Computer Search

This is also the list that I am going to play in the Grinder so any help and/or feedback is appreciated!!!:slight_smile:


2 Druddigon… I probably haven’t tested this deck nearly as much as you have if you plan on using it at the LCQ, but this seems unnecessary. First of all, RayBoar and Blastoise decks really dipped in popularity at Nationals. Also, a deck like Blastoise isn’t going to want to Black Ballista too much against a deck like this, where they only get one Prize for their attack. Also, seeing as how you play Garbodor, they will definitely want to use Keldeo EX as their main attacker because Secret Sword doesn’t discard Energy, even if you have Leafeon. You could use the space from taking out the Druddigon to add in a second Garbodor, which would probably affect the Blastoise matchup more. I would also consider taking out the Float Stones for Switch and possibly more Silver Bangle/Muscle Band. These Pokemon (most notably Flareon, your main attacker) benefit more from using their one tool attachment on something that increases Damage output than a Float Stone. Mr. Mime is debatable in this deck because Darkrai EX is not a main attacker any more, but I would say there is still enough reason to run it with Kyurem and Landorus EX still popular. One thing that I have experimented with is which Basic Energy to run. For a while, Fighting has been the most popular option and was run with cards like Landorus EX and Terrakion, but I don’t think that that is necessary anymore because of the decrease in Darkrai. Fire could be used to help the VirGen matchup, but I feel that that is already solid due to Flareon, Leafeon, Drifblim (to an extent), Garbodor and Mr. Mime. One option that I like, and I actually (ironically) saw @Chaostamer post it on the old Forums, is Suicune and Water Energy. The disruption is good, even if it is relatively easy for some decks to counter, and can give you a few turns to set up the rest of your board and get other counters ready. As chaostamer mentioned in his post, it can also help to counter Landorus EX, which has grown in popularity along with Raichu and might be more popular after Landorus/Mewtwo/Raichu/Garbodor won US Nats.


The reason I play 2 druddigon is because blastoise and rayboar are popular in my area, but if in the LCQ 1 Druddigon is best, I’ll try it out.


Looking at the results and reading lots of tournament reports, it seems as if Blastoise/RayBoar were almost non-existent due to the high amount of Yveltal/Garbodor at US Nats. Neither had an appearance in the Top 32. However, even if they are very popular, I don’t know how much it helps at least the Blastiose matchup for reasons I stated above. However, I would recommend to not make any of these changes without testing them first. At the end of the day, extensive playtesting will give better results than any theorymon.


@Wrags23 “Ironically”?


I had been testing the same exact concept and then hopped on the Forums, and you had made a post about it.


And yes, I know it sounds like I stole your idea and played it off as my own, but I swear, it was an original thought. I had been using Suicune in a Beartic deck, and was liking how it ran, and the idea popped into my head to try it in Flareon because of it’s DCE compatability.


Here is the list that I got 3rd place with at a leaue challenge:


4 Eevee

4 Flareon

1 Leafeon

3 Drifloon

2 Drifblim DRX

1 Drifblim PLB

2 Pikachu

2 Raichu

2 Trubbish

2 Garbodor

1 Druddigon

1 Mr. Mime


5 Fire

4 Double Colorless


4 Professor Sycamore

4 N

3 Colress

1 Lysandre

4 Ultra Ball

3 Float Stone

2 Enhanced hammer

1 Silver Bangle

1 Muscle Band

1 Starling MegaPhone

1 Super Rod

1 Computer Search

@Wrags23 I thank you for the suggestion of 1 druddigon because 2 was very unhelpful.

Hope you like my list!!!:slight_smile:


What kinds of decks did you run into at the tourney?


I’m sure I’m not the only person to have had that idea. I don’t think you “stole” anything.


I guess I misunderstood your post then… no worries.


Tried it out at my local league yesterday, worked wonders against plasma and virgen, but when i face an unconventional deck that i dont have a counter for, it is just a mad dash to discard as many pokemon as possible, without decking out, while flareons are dropping like flies.


1 Blastoise,1 Plasma,2 Virgen,2 Yveltal,1 Weavile/Eggxeccute,1Toxicroack/Dragalage, And 1 Trevenant/Accelgor/Delphox/Stoutland BCR.


May I ask what you ended up losing to?


I had one loss to the Weavile/Eggxecute deck that got 2nd place.


Ah, I was guessing it was that one after I looked at your list.