FL Regionals Discussion

  1. Darkrai/Giratina
  2. Plume/etc.
  3. M Mewtwo
  4. Gyarados
  5. Volcanion
  6. Rainbow Road
  7. ???
  8. Volcanion
  9. M Gardevoir
  10. Dark/Giratina/Garb
  11. Raichu/Bats

Don’t know enough after that to go on.

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Anything on Seniors?

@KPiplup How did your day go? Also, little bro’s first year in Masters?

Stream is kicking off this morning with @kazambolt:

Go Alex!!

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(Sam Chen’s picture.)

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Any word on Seniors final standings?

Poor @kazambolt … keep it going @Rsabelhaus and @KPiplup’s bro!