"Fighting with Fire" – Combatting Zoroark with Forgotten Expanded Concepts


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" Zoroark-GX can actually be OHKOed by Spinning Turn (with the help of Strong Energy, Choice Band, and Fighting Stadium) so the typing alone might pick up a few wins."

Fightng stadium only increases damage done to Pokémon- EX, not GX.

Unless I’m missing something


Was Fighting Stadium erratta’d to include GX pokemon?


Nope- just looks like the list wasn’t ever tested before being written about.


Whoops! I made this list (and started the article) a few days ago, realized my mistake after one game, changed the list but forgot to change that sentence. Sorry about that :sweat_smile:


Shucks! No worries. You just got my hopes up for no reason! )’:


If you start the petition to get the errata, I’ll sign it! :rofl: