Fighting Deck Idea

Hey everyone! Leave some constructive criticism/feedback on what you think of this deck!

4 Landorus EX -main attacker
2 Lucario EX -secoundary attacker/draw support
3 Landorus (FFists) -energy acceleration
1 Terrkaion (LT) -revenge kill without risking an EX
1 Druddigon (FFire) -obvious
3 Trubbish (LT) -Evo Line
2 Garbodor (LT) - Shut down Pyroar/Genesect/Virizion etc.
16 Pokemon

4 Sycamore-draw
4 N-draw/disruption
3 Korrina-search for items and pokemon
3 Skyla-search trainer
2 Colress-draw
15 supporters
4 ultra ball-search pokemon
4 muscle band-damage/garbodor
3 fighting stadium-damage
1 Float Stone-retreat/garbodor
1 Pokemon Catcher-Catcher
1 Professor’s letter-E search
1-Focus Sash-Backup
1-Dowsing Machine ACESPEC
31 Trainers

4 Strong Energy
9 Fighting Energy
13 Energy

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