Feedback/Criticism Needed for Xerneas/Aromatisse deck!

Hello. I was looking into getting into the Tcg competitively. I have made a Xerneas/Aromatisse deck from my collection, but I wanted some feedback and criticism so I can look into investing in cards to make it better. All critcism is accepted and appreciated. ( Btw I know about the metagame, so you won’t have to explain that to me.) Also, please note:

  • I use shauna as an N subsitute. As of now, I only have 2 N.
  • I realize roller skates are unreliable, but I dont have the level balls to replace them.
    -I am going to invest in more prism energies as well as rainbow energies, but s of now I only have 1 of each.
    -I play riachu as a good subsitute attacker. Yes, theres better jobs for that now like hawlutcha, but since my bench will be super full most of the game, I prefer to use him. Also, I dont have hawlutcha.
    -I will invest in a mewtwo ex soon, but as of now i’m running jigglypuff as a substitute.

Finally, the deck list:
2x Xerneas
2x Xerneas Ex
1x Darkrai Ex
2x Aromatisse
2x Spritzee
1x Swirlix
1x Slurpuff
1x wigglytuff
1x jigglypuff
2x riachu
2x pikachu

Trainers: (28)
4x Juniper
2x N
2x Shauna
2x Colress
1x Skyla
1x Lysandre ( Only have one :frowning: )
4x Roller Skates
2x Professeors letter
2x Pokemon Catcher
1x muscle Band ( Only have 1, but I would use 2 or 3 If I had more)
2x Ultra Ball
2x evosoda
1x Energy Retrieval
2x fairy garden
Energy: (15)
4x Double colourless
1x Rainbow energy ( Only have the 1)
1x Prism energy ( Only have 1)
9x Fairy energy

Hopefully its ok! Again, all criticism is appreciated! Thanks for checking it out!

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