February 2017 Article Schedule

Tuesday 1/31: @tnunski (Sun & Moon, Anaheim, League Cups??)
Thursday 2/2: @flygon (Sun & Moon, Anaheim)

Wednesday 2/8: @xpero (Sun & Moon, Anaheim)
Thursday 2/9: @CeladonBrit (thought piece)

Tuesday 2/14: @MichaelSlutsky (Sun & Moon, Anaheim)
Wednesday 2/15: @bradscurcio (Anaheim)

2/18–2/19: Anaheim Regionals … Standard … PRC–SM

Wednesday 2/22: @KPiplup (Anaheim recap, projections for Melbourne)
Thursday 2/23: @Magnechu (St. Louis)

Tuesday 2/28: @kazambolt (St. Louis)
Wednesday 3/1: @MDiaz1 (St. Louis)

3/4–3/5: St. Louis Regionals … Expanded … BLW–SM
3/10–3/12: Melbourne Internationals … Standard … PRC–SM
3/25–3/26: Portland Regionals … Expanded … BLW–SM

Schedule came together quite quickly for February, so here it is! I’m excited to have @flygon back for his second article, @xpero in for his debut UG piece, and also @MDiaz1 will be making a triumphant return right before St. Louis. @Magnechu too. HYPE!!!


We’re running behind schedule today; at this point, I would say to expect @xpero’s article to be published tomorrow. I apologize about the delay. Topic will be PRC–SM decks for Anaheim.

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Hey y’all! Proofreading is done; I’m now working on the fine details (headings, the title, images, captions). I hope to be finished by the early evening. The article is excellent. Here is a list of the decks covered (all with Sun & Moon incorporated):

  • Mega Gardevoir
  • Eeveelutions/Zoroark
  • Mega Mewtwo/Garbodor
  • Lurantis/Lapras/Garbodor
  • Vespiquen & Friends
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Brad’s article is going to be out late. I’m still waiting on it right now. I will attempt to edit and publish before I go to bed, but the release will depend on when I receive it. It may not be ready until tomorrow.

EDIT: Yep, look for the article tomorrow.

Well, I regret to inform you all that Brad’s article is being canceled. I’ve not heard from him since yesterday, and I cannot sit around waiting more than I already have for the article to arrive. Apologies, and I hope to be back on track next week.

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Hey everyone! @KPiplup’s article is shaping up very nicely — the bulk of editing is done, and I am working on the finishing touches (which can take me some time). ETA is probably around 5–6pm ET.

Oh, man. I didn’t realize how late it was. I’ve been working on @Magnechu’s article all day and it’s nearlyyy done: two more captions and the title to go. Those honestly may take me an hour or more though — late in the day I typically don’t think as fast. We’ll see! Expect to see the piece sometime soon.