Feb 2019 Article Schedule


2/1: Team Up Street Release

Tue 2/5: @Ruiner
Wed 2/6: @xpero
Thu 2/7: @Alex_Schemanske

Wed 2/13: @kwisdumb
Wed 2/13: @Tablemon

2/15–17: Oceania Internationals … SUM–TEU … Standard

Tue 2/19: @Ruiner
Wed 2/20: @Tablemon
Wed 2/20: @Alex_Schemanske
Fri 2/22: @tnunski

2/22–24: Collinsville Regionals … SUM–TEU … Standard

Tue 2/26: @xpero
Wed 2/27: @Alex_Schemanske
Thu 2/28: @Tablemon

3/8–10: Toronto Regionals … BLW–TEU … Expanded
3/15–17: Greensboro Regionals … BLW–TEU … Expanded


@Ruiner’s article has been submitted and is currently in editing. It’s on the longer side, so it’s going to take me longer than usual to edit, but still, look for it by mid-afternoon!


Today’s article from @kwisdumb is going to be late. He’s been dealing with power outages in Washington (state) the past few days. I’ll follow up here once I’ve received the article and begun editing. Thanks for your patience.


Kenny is still without power. We’re rescheduling his article to tomorrow with the hope that his power comes back tonight. If he’s still without power tonight, then we’re aiming to publish on Thursday instead.


Kenny’s and Pablo’s articles are both submitted. I’m going to start with Kenny’s article now, which should be ready in 3–4 hours, and then Pablo’s article will be next!


Kenny’s article is now live: https://sixprizes.com/2019/02/13/three-on-and-in-one/

And I’m about to dive into Pablo’s article…see you all again soon.


And Pablo’s article is now live:

Thank you all for your patience this week. Next week will be a busy one with four articles leading up to Collinsville.

See you then!


Hey everyone! I am awaiting @Ruiner’s article for today; I have one obligation for about an hour this afternoon, but otherwise I will edit the article as quickly as possible when it’s submitted.


@Ruiner’s article has been submitted. Let the editing commence…

(look for the article around 5–6 p.m. ET)


As promised:

@Alex_Schemanske’s and @Tablemon’s articles are coming up next. Both are submitted and I’ll be working on them until I fall asleep tonight. Look for both to be published by noon ET tomorrow!


Good morning everyone! Our last pre-Collinsville article (from @tnunski) is unfortunately going to be delayed—I don’t think it will be published until tomorrow (Fri) morning at this point, though there’s an outside chance we’ll have it ready late this evening (Eastern Time).


Morning, all! @tnunski’s article is in editing. I should have it ready in about an hour or two. See you soon!


We’re live:

Enjoy. Good luck to all this weekend!