Feature Request: Stuff for porting Forum Games Over


To do List:


  1. Allow proper “nesting” of quotes within quotes.
  2. Create a button to quote an entire post at once
     7. Enable the blocking of editing privileges within certain forums.


  1. Research possibility of ISO function
  2. Investigate thread-specific mod power granting
  3. Investigate the ability to player-restrict posting privileges in threads
  4. Investigate the ability to make threads visible to select players (For modding, dead threads, scum areas)


Right now, you can highlight some text to quote it, but a general “quote this entire thing” button would be nice.


I don’t want to have to highlight the entire post like this was.


Testing the quote feature…


Nesting may be an issue too? Maybe a better block for the quotes to help read what are quotes and not quotes?


Quote pyramid. Sloppy looking?

Edit: or nonfunctional.


Adding that to changelog


[quote=“Cabd, post:3, topic:199”][quote=“Cabd, post 5, topic 199”]
Cabd said:
Right now, you can highlight some text to quote it, but a general “quote this entire thing” button would be nice.[/quote]

I don’t want to have to highlight the entire

Does this at least function? I had to manually add tags.


If you click the reply button located directly on a user’s post, that’s considered quoting the whole thing since you’re replying to that post. This should have a dropdown tab at the top which can be clicked to show the context.

Quoting a post that has a quote (via highlighting) does not appear to work. I’ll bring that up to the developers. Is that something you’d actually do though?


As far as topic visibility and privileges, all the software can do right now is allow groups to either see, reply to, or create threads on a category basis (not by topic/thread). I don’t think any forum software gives privileges by topic, for that matter.

However, we can actually make use of groups here unlike the old forums. (The integrations with the rest of the site would break whenever I tried to tinker with them.) So hopefully we can take advantage of that.

What is an ISO function, btw @Cabd?


ISOlation. View only one user’s posts made in a specific topic.


If by “highlighting” you mean quoting posts like on the old forums, yes, Werewolf/Mafia requires a lot of that.


Can you @PP101 or @cabd link me to some examples on the old forums?


Examples of what? Nested quotes?


Yeah. Instances of quoting a post that contains a quote.


Ooo, I figured this one out. Click on my name – a filter option comes up. You can even filter multiple people at a time.


http://www.sixprizes.com/forums/threads/vengeball-game-over.11615/page-19#post-234517 There’s one example. Sometimes even more quotes are used. It’s pretty important for the game, imo.


Interesting. There is only one quote there I see there though that I think is actually troublesome. (There are a few blank quotes around multiple quotes, for grouping purposes only.) Let me go through how this works:

  1. If I try to quote a post that contains a quote by hitting reply on the old forums, that quote is left out. So it has to be manually built. (Not all that convenient. Try quoting this, for example.)

  2. If I try to manually build a quote the same way on here, this is what happens:

    (The quote is broken.)

  3. If I just highlight everything at once and click quote:

    (Not too bad. The nested quote isn’t linked to the user though.)

  4. If I want to group a few quotes together:

    (Is it not ok to just quote them, and use a line break?)

I will ask the software developers about the nested quote, but I don’t see anything on here hindering game functionality. It might take a little adjusting to get used to the markdown code though.

EDIT: Looks like this has already been brought up to the developers. It should get better as some point.


Not having nested quotes is ok. How do you quote like you were in that post, though? All I can figure out how to do is “Reply” to a post, like I am here, but that doesn’t quote it. :confused:


If you highlight text, you should get a “quote reply” box that pops up.