Extended Format on PlayTCG

I was just wondering if anyone wants to test for the Extended Format on PlayTCG. I can’t do this by just hopping on PlayTCG and playing, because everyone is playing BCR-on. I’m really looking forward to testing with Eels!

You can play on Unlimited format and it encompasses Extended.

Isn’t that PTCGO? They don’t have Unlimited on PlayTCG.

I don’t know about different online PTCGs but I run a fairly mean Eels deck. Could test some time. What do you run?

I’m mainly looking at Eels, but am interested in Acellgor, Fighting, Seismetoad, and maybe Yveltal. What time could you play?

I’m usually on in the evening, mountain time. But I’m not sure which online tcg program you play. I didn’t realize there was more than one… I play the online Pokemon TCG that is downloaded from pokemontcg.com. Is that the same with you? What is the other one?

I’ll be on in the evenings too (pacific time), I use PlayTCG, because I don’t have enough codes to make good deck.

What is this PlayTCG you speak of? Is it better than the ptcgo?

Worse UI but you don’t have to unlock all of your cards.

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