Expanded Tournament This Weekend - Deck Suggestions


Hey UG. I have an expanded tournament this weekend and have several decks I am working through and figured I would throw out a question to the group to have everyone shoot holes into my decision making.

Decks I am considering:
Accelgor Wobbuffet
Toad Owls Laserbanks (uses a 3 / 2 forest + virbank split and doesn’t use scoops)
Lurantis Plume
Dark Toads
Ray Eels
Lapras Waterbox (non Archie’s style)
Toolbox Trubbish + Trashalanche Garbodor

The reason I mention these is mainly because these are the decks I am most comfortable with and I think in a league challenge, familiarity matters the most. I have played a much broader selection of decks and can pilot them well. Example, I can pilot Turbo Darkrai, Maxie’s Yveltal, Flareon Bees, Night March, etc. well, but they haven’t been go to decks lately. By contrast, the ones up top I have logged at least 15 games each over the last month or so spending the most time on Accelgor Wobbuffet, Dark Toads, and Toad Owls.

So, I guess I am asking the UG for suggestions, poke some holes in the decks, general commentary, etc.

Thanks in advance!


REmember forest is banned in expanded.
Me personally would play the [quote=“Fayld, post:1, topic:11118”]
Ray Eels


Forrest isn’t banned until the 18th. It is still legal. Please research your statements before making them.


yep. one last hurrah before it is gone. that said, i am leaning Accelgor. it is probably the deck I play best on this list.


It is a fun deck, and very good if you are consistent and knowledgeable about it. My personal prefrence is raikou eels, similar to Ray eels, but I have had a lot of experience with it. Good luck!

EDIT: just remembered how big garb is. If you can dodge garb, your good to go, but most likely avoid eels. Sorry about that.


I ended up making a meta call and played Night March. Went 3-1 with my only loss being a very unlucky first game where I was stuck leaving a joltick active with zero benched Pokemon and no way to get one benched. Was pretty irritated with myself for not shuffling better. Trashed the next three opponents though, so I guess that made up for it.

Thanks for the responses everyone!