Expanded tournament! Round 3 Pairings up!


I’m tired, I had work today, I’m multitasking, just be patient, please.

@GreninjaTheNinja [0-0-1] vs. @Jstensrud [1-0-0]
@thegrovylekid [1-0-0] vs. @XtremeFate [1-0-0]
@sableyeman2002 [0-1-0] vs. @Jirachi123 [0-1-0]
@tototavros [0-0-1] vs. @troller100 [0-1-0]

The deadline is August 14th. My birthday! :smiley:


Sorry for the impatience, @thegrovylekid. Thanks. I’m tired too, lol.


@GreninjaTheNinja beat me, gg’s


Well actaully I disconnected in two games. I won one of the games and it was almost certain I wouldve won the other two but we never know what couldve happened so should we consider it a win for me or what? I’ll let you decide @thegrovylekid


No response so far from @troller100, has been last seen Jul 31, just a heads up


Okay. Thanks for telling me.

@GreninjaTheNinja, how many prizes were you up the second game?


I took 3 prizes while he took none. I completely shut down his deck and he could barely do anything (not trying to sound cocky, sorry if I came off that way).


I understand. @JStensrud seems alright with this, so the win will go to you.


I beat @jirachi123, GG, and good luck in the rest of the tournament.


Thanks. I scooped both games. Confirmation.


Haven’t heard from my opponent, what’s going to happen?


If he doesn’t respond, I’ll give him a loss.

Also, I lost to @XtremeFate. Great game!


Yep, great game @thegrovylekid.


No reply from my opponent…I really hope I get to play a game this tournament.


@thegrovylekid, where are th pairings or are u waiting for worlds too finish?

Sorry for the bad grammar.


Waiting until you guys are back from worlds.


that gives me a nice advantage to try to come up with an expanded deck that isn’t completely terrible!


Worlds is over soo…


yeah, I know, I’m awful. :stuck_out_tongue:

The Standings!
1st: @XtremeFate [2-0-0]
2nd: @GreninjaTheNinja/ @tototavros [1-0-1]
3rd: @thegrovylekid/ @JStensrud/@Sableyeman2002 [1-1-0]
4th: @troller100 [or whoever replaces him]/ @Jirachi123 [0-2-0]

We are in need of a player to replace Troller100. Comment if you would like to.

the pairings!

@XtremeFate [2-0-0] vs. @GreninjaTheNinja [1-0-1]
@thegrovylekid [1-1-0] vs. @sableyeman2002 [1-1-0]
@Jstensrud [1-1-0] vs. @Tototavros [1-0-1]
@Troller100 [or whoever replaces him] [0-2-0] vs. @Jirachi123 [0-2-0]

@jirachi123, if I find no replacement, you will be given a game win.

Games are to be completed on September 14th, 2015.


Two wins and I might get cut! Woot woot!