Expanded tournament! Round 3 Pairings up!


Go blame the RNG. :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s the RNG? 202020


Random.org. This is the omnipresent Being that decides all of our fates.


Bump! Any results yet?


Me and @JStensrud are still figuring out a time. Hopefully tonight.


Is Swiss BO1 or BO3?


BO3. Sorry, I forgot. D:


greninja’s gonna be gone for a long time according to what greninja said


What about you? Are your games finished?


Not yet. Just making sure that this tournament doesn’t go the same way as the temporal tournaments.


@XtremeFate won. GG!


@thegrovylekid I just beat @sableyeman2002. Great series.


@JStensrud just beat me. GG man.


Hi. Well I’m finally back.I’ll try and arrange with @tototavros to play as soon as possible but if we cant play I feel like he should be given the win as it would probably be my fault we wouldn’t be able to play.


I can’t play, but it’s also my fault for us not being able to play as I am not allowed to use the computer today.


Should we just ID? I feel it’s mostly my fault as I wasn’t available till the very last day. @thegrovylekid I’ll just let you decide.


You can ID. I beat @Troller100 in our game 1, but that’s the only game we got to play. Give me a few minutes to give the scores and new pairings.


It’s already been a few hours.


Derp xD. Long day of work, I’m tired, let’s just get this moving.
the Standings!
1st: @JStensrud/ @Xtremefate/ @thegrovylekid [1-0-0]
2nd: @GreninjaTheNinja/ @tototavros [I think, yell at me if I’m wrong] [0-0-1]
3rd: @Troller100 / @Jirachi123 /@sableyeman2002 [0-1-0]


I’m confused. Why are there standings?

EDIT: Never mind, but where are the pairings?