Expanded tournament! Round 3 Pairings up!


Hey everyone! I’ve created an expanded tournament. Nothing fancy. Just a tournament on TCG ONE in the Expanded format of BLW - ROS. Minimun 8 spots.


  1. @thegrovylekid
  2. @sableyeman2002
  3. @Xtremefate
  4. @jirachi123
  5. @tototavros
  6. @troller100
  7. @JStensrud
  8. @GreninjaTheNinja


I’d like to sign up. Glad this is only up to ROS, saves me some trouble LOL. Also are you playing? If not, do you need decklists?


I’m in. Already know what I’m playing.


Eels? Rayquaza? Yvetal? hmm
I have some testing to do…


I am so in! (20 characters!)


I’m in as well! Can’t wait!


And just like that, there are only 3 spots left!


I am in! Have testing to do


I’ll do it :smiley:
20 20 20 20


Is this single elimination?


Well this is suddenly much more important…


If it does, I might have to bow out, I’ll be gone from Thurs. till Sun.


Well, I have just noticed that

As a result it will probably not start right away.


I’ll be gone from Friday till Sunday so it hopefully won’t start right away


I’ll be gone for 2 weeks but I hope to play in this tournament!


It’s 4 rounds of Swiss, then top 4 cut.


Where r th pairings?


Hold your Horseas, I just got back home a few minutes ago!


@Jirachi123 vs. @JStensrud
@tototavros vs. @GreninjaTheNinja
@Troller100 vs. @thegrovylekid
@sableyeman2002 vs. @XtremeFate

The deadline is August 7th, to accomodate as many people as possible. ID’s are an option.



Also, please record your match, then send it to me so I can post it on my channel. Thanks!


How fitting that you pit worlds invitees against each other round one!