Expanded Regionals testing on TCG ONE


Hello! In preparation for expanded regionals, I thought I’d make this little group. Just state I you want to be in the group here, then ill add you to a PM. In the group, we’ll ask each other to use certain decks to test against in order to prepare. This will be on TCG one.


I would like to join!!!


I can join. AOR isnt out yet though.


I want in in the testing group!


Wait, for some reason it wont let me add a fourth person in the PM. @Adam, is this natural?


You should be able to add more than four. I’d need you to send a screenshot or type out the error it’s giving you.


Wait, never mind. J goofed up @Pokemanic45’s username.


I’d like to join to please!


I’d be interested in joining, could always use some extra practice.


I’ll be in it. I need the testing for regionals.


I would like to join for Regionals testing, my username is Ghazernado.


I’m in! I have some crazy ideas I may wanna share.


I’m in. Add me please! :smiley:


The CyberLeader requests access to deck testing.


Sorry bout that. My TCGOne name is TheKingSquirrel


I want in on this group.


I’m in please! 202020


I would like to get in on this.


I am in