Expanded Format: Tapu Koko

I don’t know if I’ll play this deck, if you will say that it is or can began good I’ll buy the cards for this deck before 1-1,5 months. However, I find in my city a place where people plays at other TCGs so maybe is possible find also Pokémon gamers. If I find anyone, I surilly will use this deck starting whit a lot of proxies. If my Lapras will work, I’ll have 2 decks and I’ll can change for have more fun. I remember, please use simple english for your answers.

Pokémon (7)
Tapu Koko-GX x4
Raikou x1
Shaymin-Ex x2
T/S/S (46)
Sycamore x4
Acerola x4
N x2
Az x2
Hex Maniac x1
Lysandre x1
VS Seeker x4
Super Scoop Up x4
Max Potion x4
Max Elixir x4
Fighting Fury Belt x3
Pokémon Catcher x3
Crushing Hammer x4
Field Blower x1
Scoop Up Cyclone x1
Aether Paradise x4
Energy (7)
Lighting Energy x7

I don’t exactly see the need for archeops. Might want to switch them for a Shaymin and maybe a backup attacker? If this is expanded you want scoop up cyclone. The special energy might be a problem against denial decks, might want to tweak the numbers.

You play Archeops and no Maxie’s? And where’s the Elixir?

He plays one maxies.

  1. Thank you for the idea of Scoop Up Cyclone, I’ didn’t remembered that card exist.
  2. What are Denial Decks?
  3. I can remove Archeops and add Shaymin, but only 1x of Shaymin.
  4. Why Elixir?
    4A. Also if I’ll remove Special Energies for Basic Energies, I’ll difficultly will find one of them whit Elixir, as long as the energies are 8 (and I don’t need more of them).
    4B. I think in this deck I need only to heal all damages and make difficult the opponent work, not increase the speed.

Sorry, meant energy denial, as 2 enhanced hammer wrecks you. The special energy serves literally no purpose, since it gets rid or weakness on a Pokémon with no weakness. The elixir means that you can easily attack turn 1-2, something you need in this fast format, though you might want some raikous then.

I didn’t realize this Pokémon has no weakness! Great! I edit the deck.

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Okay, I have edit the deck. I think 1 Raikou is enought, because it permise me to give 1 minus prize to the opponent. Whit 2 the KO are same number of 1, 3 are too much.

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Lower the count of draw supporters/pickup cards. They will clunk you hand. You want 4 Tapu koko, it is your real attacker and you want to reset it almost every turn. 2 raikous are fine, just don’t bench more than one if you think it will impact late game to much. Also, Either paradise relies on your opponent’s turn, so I believe rough seas is better.

Sorry for my english, what does it mean clunk? Google Translate doesn’t know the word.
I also don’t understand why Rough Seas, Aether Paradise defends, not heal, so it works as the life is higher, instead of the other one.
At the end, I haven’t unsterstand if increase or reduce the setup cards.

Sorry, clunk UP your hand. Basically, when you have three-four of the same card in your hand, it is clunked up. Probably messed up on spelling/word choice. I just believe that if you have too many draw supporters, it will do nothing but take up spots for other cards you need. With field blower and counter stadiums, it is easy to get rid of Aether paradise on their own turn. With rough seas, it has effect when you put it down.

Clunky decks are inconsistent decks.

So I should add 2-3 Shauna? Or delete 1-2 N? Sorry but I continue to not understand. You can also explain whit an exemple of what I should to do.

About Rough Seas, I don’t like in this deck. I play Aether only for reduce the OHKO, whit healing this works only for remove opponent stadium, and don’t give me a really help. My opinion, obviously.

Another question. why 4 Elixir for attack 1 turn before if whit 1 more Az i obtain same effect using only one slot?

Basically, what I am saying is that at one point there can be too many supporters. You don’t have a consistent deck if that whenever you play a Sycamore 1-3 of the cards you draw are supporters. And what do you mean with your last part of your post? You lost me there.

Thank you. I change the deck: now the Supporters are 14.

You said that I need Exilir for attack at T2 (T1 is impossible). So I shuold have 4 Elixir for attack at T2. But what is the good thing of attack at T2 instead of T3? That I succede to reply at 1 more opponent attack. But whit 1 more card that remove Tapu Koko-GX by the game I succede to obtain, in a different way, the same effect. So, I can use that way in 1 copy and play no Exilir: in this way I obtain 3 slots that I can use for other cards.

Either choice would work, when in that regard. It’s just that you have to be able to either attack quick or be bulky in this format, and not a lot of cards are bulky. If you test the deck, and it is bulky, however, you should be fine without max elixirs then.

I thinked: this deck can be more power if I remove some good card for permise me to play in standard format, where opponent decks are minus power?

This doesn’t relate to the thread much, but what is your normal language?

I’m Italian, why do yu ask me them?

Well if there is another Italian speaker here then they might be able to help and communicate with you a little easier