Exeggutor PLF Variants // BCR-on

This is the deck I’ve been playing lately and also the deck Ross Cawthon used at regionals yesterday. <img src="/uploads/default/2866/57dfa5f59cc56477.jpg" width=“353” height=“500” I thought I just go over a few of the key since I feel this is a pretty unique deck.

4 Exeggcute PLF

This is of course the way that you evolve into your main attacker. However, it has a very nifty ability in Propagation, which allows you to return him to your hand if he’s in your discard. This open up lots of cool combos and allows you to use cards like Ultra Ball and Dowsing Machine a little more freely.

4 Exeggutor PLF

The main reason of this it to use his first attack Blockade to shut down all of your opponents supporter cards thus ultimately slowing them down and forcing them to draw into the cards that they need. Also it’s water resistance is kind of cool.

2 Skrelp

This is just to evolve into Dragalge, it’s not too exciting.

2 Dragalge

Poison barrier allows you to keep poisoned pokemon active increasing the damage flow. Also it has 100 hp which is pretty bulky.

1 Virizion EX

This is pretty self-explanatory but Verdant blocks all special conditions done to pokemon with grass energy attached to it.

1 Mewtwo EX

Sometimes this deck falls a little behind so Mewtwo is nice addition to deal a little extra damage.

1 Jirachi EX

This is also pretty self-explanatory but since you shut down Lysandre it makes Jirachi a lot safer to play.

1 N

Since you are trying to lock down your opponent from playing any cards you don’t want to N them for fresh cards.

1 Lysandre’s Trump Card

What’s worse than a bunch of disruption cards, INFINITE DISRUPTION CARDS!!!

4 Hypnotoxic Laser/3 Virbank/3 Muscle Band

These three cards are necessary to deal enough damage to actually keep up with your opponent.

The rest of the deck is pretty obvious but I’m looking forward to seeing how you guys are playing the deck.


Dusknoir BCR and Crobat might be good in this so you can put tons of damage on the board and move it KO at will.


Some guy yesterday was using this with Jirachi, Emolga with call for family, and virizion. some part of me thinks it’s niche, but it definitely won a couple games. he didnt use dragalge though interestingly enough.


Like I said, it’s got room for lots of different techs. I’ll post my list here in a few minutes. :smile:

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what other cards are needed? im guessing 4 juniper/sycamore, 4 ultra balls, 4 battle compressors? anything else?

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I don’t know why you’d run 4 battle compressors. I know you’re trying to discard the eggs but you have ultra balls for that, junipers, computer search as well. I wouldn’t thin out the deck too quickly. but you would want hammers, 4 crushing and 3 enhanced maybe, 2 team flare grunts. laser gym. lysandres trump card for sure.

2 Battle compressors, 4 Ultra ball for standard; probably 3 PC, 2 bC, and 2 ultra ball for expanded.

I’ve been using this deck recently on PTCGO
i find that taking out mewtwo and N replacing the 2 slots with a magnetic draw electrode,
really helps you get a nice train of bikes/lasers/ultras going.

I love Pooka’s comment when the opponent uses Laser with Virizion EX active! “What is happen in my life. Ok, that, that’s unexpected.” ROFL.


This is Ross Cawthon’s deck in action against the popular Land/Bats deck.

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A couple of eggs decks use Swampert instead of Empoleon. In my opinion from testing Swampert is a much better choice for pretty much every matchup except Virgen and the Egg mirror [A computer search getting you a trump card every turn/hammer/laser/plasma/etc. helps turn certain matchups like fairies and metal into favorable matchups]

Except Swampert doesn’t bring it directly into your hand. If it did everyone would play it, you have to have an Acro Bike or a way to draw cards without shuffling your deck.

Most of the Exeggutor decks that play Swampert also play a 1-1 or 2-2 Slurpuff line so they can hit the cards they got off of Swampert right away. Some of the list also play Life Dew so they can stream it with LTC and Swampert/Slurpuff.

Or a 1-1 Electrode line. And with the constant movement of cards an eggz deck that uses 3-4 acro bike can accomplish the same as well. Frankly Exeggutor is the best choice for someone who uses Archie to run Swampert over Empoleon.

Regardless of how much I hate it, here’s an Executor list!

4x Exeggcute
4x Executor
1x Virizion EX
1x Genesect EX
1x Skrelp
1x Dragalge
1x Voltorb
1x Electrode
1x Mr. Mime
1x Jirachi EX

2x Startling Megaphone
3x Battle Compressor
4x VS Seeker
4x Ultra Ball
1x Dowsing Machine
4x Hypnotoxic Laser
2x Virbank City Gym
4x Crushing Hammer
4x Professor Sycamore
1x Lysandre’s Trump Card
1x Team Flare Grunt

4x Plasma Energy
3x Grass Energy

Maybe you could fit in a Town Map, or make the ACE SPEC* Computer Search. This IS only a skeleton list.

As many other variants that are not Dragalge variants are equally as viable, I’m changing the title of the thread to just Exeggutor variants.

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When your against eggs, do you want the match to be over easy, or hard boiled? -Mia Violet

Secret Eggs Tech. (ok, not so secret tech anymore…)

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