European Internationals

For one thing, attendance by country/rating zone:


If anyone could post pairings from the top tables, that would be very much appreciated. If only my school’s firewall didn’t block twitch…

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Woohoo, I think I have Jay on my fantasy draft. I can’t remember now.

Is it just me: Is there no news from London, or is all of the news on Facebook (I have no account)? There is just links to the streams at, and I don’t have a clue who is in Top 8 … I’ve missed everything this weekend. Hell, I didn’t even know Day 1 was on Friday until someone told me at League yesterday.

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I assume most news is on Facebook. (I wouldn’t know either!)

Top 8 is tomorrow and the bracket can be seen here:

Condolences to @kazambolt for his opponents’ opponents not pulling through.

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Consider the absurdity of what I’m telling you:

I have a Facebook account so that I can belong to a closed group (Virbank City Gym) that is so dysfunctional that the most recent scandal was that a prominent player used a friend’s phone to hack the group, ban all the admins, and take over the group (only to renounce the hostile takeover a few days later). I belong to this group for the express purpose of getting tournament update information. The only way tournament info may be known in real time is by being a member of this closed Facebook group.

Moreover, I follow certain persons on Twitter as backup - if I’m busy, and can’t stay on top of Virbank, then I can get tweet updates with tournament info.

So: I knew the Top 8 standings of an event with a $10,000 payout for first place in real time because I was driving to work and checked my phone at a light and saw that Pramawat posted top 8 standings via Twitter.

It’s absolute insanity that I still play this game and get excited about it.

This link will show you how Magic handles Grand Prix updates through its website. If you scroll down just a bit, you will see that that standings are updated by round through the website. The contrast is just overwhelming.


Pokemon actually usually does this at big events, but have moved away from doing so out of a desire to keep players in the dark re: tiebreakers.

That’s telling on its own, I think.


In the last round before a cut (to day 2 or to top 8), mtg publishes the standings to include opponent win percentage.

It’s strange to me how vgc and Tcg follow a similar time format now yet in vgc IDing is illegal.

That anyone still expects consistency from TPCI is strange to me.

so… can some1 post the top 8 or top 32 deck types or something? All I know is the finals was yveltal/garb mirror and a sky field volcanion was in top 8.

5 Yveltals/Garb in Top 8 (1st-5th), 1 Greninja in 6th Place, 2 Volcanion in 7th and 8th Places. One of the Volcanion Decks had Salamence in it.

Ty bro. any ideas about top 32?

This is because actual ties are considered a once-in-a-season event in VGC.

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I wanna get my hands on that Houndoom mill deck.


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It was shown on stream sometime. Look at past broadcasts they showed the full list.


Its on The Charizard Lounge now.

The Top 32 placement notwithstanding, I don’t know how viable it is - Oblivion Wing Yveltal completely shuts it down (as shown on stream). Not sure I want to take that chance in League Cup season.

Do you know what time during the stream it was showed?

And which stream?

I seriously can’t find the stream.