**Essential** Registration Notice re: Fort Wayne Regionals

I’m making a separate thread due to the importance of the information:

via the PTO for Ft. Wayne:

Note to all players, we can only guarantee a spot to play for those who register online ahead of time; not at the venue the day of the event. We will be unable to add space the day of the event due to keeping the online schedule for streaming. We will be set up for those who have registered before 9pm on Friday Oct 16. Those who registered after that may not play due to space. Registration has been up for over a month, there is no acceptable excuse to not be registered by Friday October 16.

Having been in both parts of the venue that we have, and given the astronomical attendance in Lancaster this past weekend (and that this was the largest Regional last year), this is no empty threat. You must, must Register online before 9pm on Friday if you want to ensure you can play in this event. Moreover, I assure you that the organizer would be greatly appreciative if you didn’t wait until 8:59 Friday to do so. It’s going to determine a lot as far as how the event is set up.

Registration link: http://labs.pokegym.net/register/15-10-000199


(and, if you missed the headline, TPCi is streaming in Fort Wayne)


Yup, I was right about the stream.
But if Ft.Wayne somehow has enough players for 10 swiss rounds (500 something), will it be more likely for 10 swiss rounds or 2 flights of 7-8 rounds?

You can’t get 10 Swiss rounds in TCG.

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That explains a lot.

The stream is a double-edged sword for me. On one had, it’s more Pokemon to watch. On the other hand, I’ll be at my own regionals that day so I can’t watch it :disappointed_relieved:

I’d rather be playing than watching :slight_smile:


They’ll have recaps of the stream Monday and Tuesday.


So, it’s going to be big. Registrations exceed 700…