Espeon-EX, In the new GX format


With the new GX mechanic shaping up to be a lot like the old ex mechanic, (whereby the more powerful incarnations of pokemon are still generally evolved) it devolution will most definately be a strong mechanic. Back in the day, ancient technical rock was a pretty popular 1-of that had the exact same effect as Espeon’s miraculous shine attack. That being said Espeon-EX seems destined to become a powerful card with the drop of sun and moon sets, with uses in taking double ko’s to seal games whilst avoiding harsh N’s, as evolved GX’s pre-evolutions tend to be lacking in hp. Espeon-EX has a cheap, flexible attack which makes it highly splashable in a lot of decks.
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N.B. SolgaleoGX decks can auto-win greninja with this (provided wally is not played), as bubble can be countered by Ultra Road -> float stone.


Ultra road switches to any Pokémon it isn’t like rush in it’s better


still need float stone, 2nd solgaleoGX or free retreat mon in the back to double switch out of paralysis, but yeah Ultra road is pretty darn sweet.


Maybe in the future, but at least for the rest of this standard season I don’t see Espeon-ex being good at all. The format is too fast for stage 2 rare candy based decks to be a thing - Decidueye seems to be a forest of giant plants based deck as well, so while you could in theory do (80-90 damage to a couple of decidueyes and) knock them out with espeon - you’d rather have another card in most situations and just KO the gx itself anyhow. As of now its too mediocre a card to see play, even though its an amazing artwork


I think Espeon Ex could be powerful. You can de-evolve GX pokemon.


I believe the main usage would be as a 1-of counter for a bad matchup, which is only going to be relevant once the sm format settles down and we know what’s popular. Of course, I’m sure Yveltal and Volcanion decks will still be very much around.


I agree only one espeon-GX would be needed. I am sure there will still be some basic pokemon decks in the format that are tier 1 or 2, but the majority of decks will likely be evolved pokemon.


Yes when they release 1 playable evoulution suddenly espeonex is good because it’ll make everyone switch to evolution decks

Big basics has been good for 4+ years now. It’s gonna take a while to move out of that phase


Have just realised that I made a major error thinking Espeon-EX auto-wins against greninja: it doesn’t ofc as water duplicates allows greninja to reach stage 2. You can prevent breaks hitting the field though…
Pretty sure the confusion came from toying with the idea that banette (evo jammer) might tech into zoroark B for the greninja matchup. Which of course doesn’t work due to the energy cost; (although I might stoop to playing it with rainbow energy as greninja is more common than giratina…).

On a side note, the new poke balls may fix a lot of the clog issues that zoroark has which has prevented it from being run outside of vespiquen variants.


Then they just evolve again next turn and can severely hurt espeon


Um, the whole point in using espeon-EXs attack is to either:

  1. devolve a stage 2 to a basic
  2. get a potentially difficult knockout leading to a winning board position

You don’t just say: “Oh look, my opponent is playing “so-and-so”-GX let’s attack with my GX counter!” It’s about lining things up to demolish your opponent’s board or punish them for heavily relying on candies.


Doesn’t espeon ex just de-evolve once from the highest stage? I might be misinterpreting it but I’m pretty sure that’s what it says.


The stage 2 to basic works in the case of Rare Candy.


Over all, Espeon-EX has good pontential to be a one-of in decks, mainly decks that play Decidueye/Bats.