Entei AOR 15 Variants // XY-on 2016

I’m new to the world of Pokemon but have spent a tremendous amount of time reading everything I can to learn about strategies that have been successful in the past and present. That said when I first saw the Entei AOR 15/98 with the ability to accept two tool cards it seemed like it had loads of potential.
I threw together a list that sort of worked, but failed miserably against any kind of item lock. Since the release of BKT and Assault Vest it seems like more people have begun playing this deck.

With the need to Blacksmith every turn to stream attacks sycamore gets in the way a lot, but my only thoughts to increase draw are fitting some acro bikes in or unknown to use with revive ro buddy buddy rescue.

The list below is very close to what I’m playing now +/- a tool here or there.
Pokemon - 7
Entei x 4
Shaymin EX x 3

Supporters - 10
Blacksmith x 4
Professor Sycamore x 1
Giovanni’s Scheme x 1
AZ x 1
Lysandre x 2
Hex Maniac x 1

Items - 28
VS Seeker x 4
Trainers Mail x 4
Muscle Band x 4
Assault Vest x 4
Eco Arm x 2
Ultra Ball x 4
Acro Bike x 2
Buddy Rescue x 1
Battle Compressor x 2
Float Stone x 1

Stadiums - 3
Parallel City x 1
Scorched Earth x 2

Energy - 12
Fire x 8
DCE x 4

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-2 Revive, -1 Eco arm, -2 hard charm, -1 az, -1 hex, -3 sycamore, +4 Acro bike, +2 charizard ex, +1 Assault vest +1 Giovanni’s Scheme, +1 scorched earth, +1 fire

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I would definitely play 4 Scorched Earth and a Charizard ex (Combustion Blast)

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4 scorched earth is unnecessary. 3 and a parallel city is better.


You don’t really need hard charm. -2 hard charm, +1 charizard ex (combustion blast) +1 assault vest. Also I think you need 3 scorched earth.

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You also might want to add a Professor’s Letter or 2, I would say take out a fire energy for 1 (if you were following @Dweinhardt and his suggestions to add another fire).

My gripe with Professor’s Letter is the fact that with no real way to search for it, it becomes a false placebo for another energy (although one could argue that Trainers’ Mail searches for it, however that could just as easily grab a more advantageous card, as getting an attachment for the turn isn’t near as advantageous as, for example, ultra balling for Shaymin drawing DCE, Compressor, and VS Seeker to get a t1 attack)

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However, it is very useful as a pseudo-energy. I really like to be able to Trainers’ Mail for an energy, or even Trainers’ Mail->Letter->2 [R]->Discard w/ Ultra Ball->Blacksmith.

It’s definitely good, but compressor can discard energy as well. I just feel like more outs to energy would be better than an effect that, while strong, does not reciprocate being an energy and is not really necessary


I would play more basics I played almost an exact copy of this deck at cities and through the duration of 5 rounds I mulliganed 28 times

About 6 mulligans per round. Are you shuffling? That just doesn’t seem right. I could understand 1 or 2, but 5-6. Something’s wrong.


You definitely aren’t shuffling thoroughly enough and even if you were. More basics mess with the consistency of the deck too much.

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I even had the judges shuffle for after a couple rounds it was terrible. That’s why I try to play at least 7 basics

This deck plays 9 basics.

It has 7 plus I played 4entai 1 Shaymin

A good list plays 9. 4 Entei, 3 Shaymin, 2 Charizard. Why would you play it with 1 Shaymin and no Charizard?

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The story goes like this I arravived at cities with my deck hoping I could get a last minute charizard. Sadly I did not and by then I had my list basically completed and If I wanted to go with Yveltal Gallade I would have to write a new list in 2 minute before registration closes. So I didn’t.

Thanks for the card suggestions I will try them out

I have no idea why anyone would play 2 Charizard in here.


The original list and the one played by Austen both played 2. It’s v good against Manectric.