Enhanced Hammer and other XY-Promo cards

So while browsing the list @KPiplup posted here:

I got to this part:
TPCi Blackstar Promos Reshiram BW04 {LTR}
Zekrom BW05 {LTR}
Serperior BW20 {LTR}
Emboar BW21 {LTR}
Samurott BW22 {LTR}
Reshiram BW23 {LTR}
Zekrom BW24 {LTR}
Victini BW32 {LTR}
Reshiram EX BW36 {LTR}
Kyurem EX BW37 {LTR}
Zekrom EX BW38 {LTR}
Thundurus BW41 {LTR}
Tornadus BW42 {LTR}
Landorus BW43 {LTR}
Kyurem BW44 {LTR}
Mewtwo EX BW 45 {LTR}
Darkrai EX BW46 {LTR}
Altaria BW48 {BCR}
BW51 and up
XY01 and up

I found all the BW51 and up cards here:

But when I look for XY01 and up, this is what I found:

The thing is all these XY-P cards I want to know about, like Enhanced Hammer, Foul Play Coin and Hand Scope is in Japanese, others that I dont care about like Pikachu and Goomy is in English…

So is or isn’t Enchanced Hammer allowed in BCR-on? If not can someone point me in the direction of the reason?

If they’re printed in English, they’re legal.

If they’re not, they’re not legal.

Enhanced Hammer hasn’t been printed in English since Dark Explorers. It’s not legal.

XY-P is the Japanese promo set. This is the English XY Promo list: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/XY_Black_Star_Promos_(TCG)

Pokegym has it all.


Thanks @KPiplup. I just had a match on playtcg and he tried to play E Hammer…

You can play it in expanded, however.

and in about a month you’ll be able to play it Standard, as it is being reprinted in Phantom Forces.