Empoleon PLF (DEX) Variants // BCR-on

I’m not so sure about the Absol, I undresatnd your reasoning, but I think that just water would be better. Also you should just remove the pips and prinplups all together and add in 4 acro bike to add consistency. You should try:

-2 Piplups
-2 Prinplups
-2 Absol
-4 Rainbow

+2 Jirachi EX
+4 Acro Bike
+2 Water
+1 VS Seeker

So . . . how is he going to generate damage for Attack Command? Bench 4 Exeggcute and hope to get two Empoleon out via Archie?

Think it through.

I did think it through…

Robo Subs
Target Whistle

EDIT: Although, Mr. Mine is something I forgot. You should probabaly add 1 of those.

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You still have to deal with the problem of getting Empoleon out. There will be a point where Empoleon will start getting KO’d turn after turn. I doubt this deck can pull off 3-4 Archie’s in a game, much less by mid-game.

Pip and Prinplups are needed.

12 Energy isn’t needed in an Empoleon deck, too. 6-9 should suffice.

Than your thinking of a different strategy than me. I’m thinking of a turbo Empoleon that gets quick KOs for cheap. However, your argument makes sense, but I feel Miltank and/or Dusknoir would serve that position much better.

To get a full Bench (to make the most of Attack Command), that means he needs to Bench all 4 Eggs (easy Prizes) plus use BOTH Archies successfully to get out 2 Empoleon.

Also his start is guaranteed to be Eggs (or Mime in your revised version).

Does that seem like a viable approach?

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That’s why I said -4 Rainbow Energy :stuck_out_tongue:

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Robo Substitutes… :stuck_out_tongue:

You start with Eggs… OK
If your deck has a consistent way of getting up an Empoleon…

2 Jirachi
4 Eggs
4 Acro Bike
x Supporters
4 VS Seeker

I think it’ll be alright…

You can’t start with Robo Substitute.

The problem is that other decks are also fast and brutal, so an early Empoleon will only have a few turns to survive. Relying on Archie to give you another Empoleon in time is risky. If you don’t get a back-up into play fast, you’ll just have a field of Robo Subs and Eggs that are getting sniped and pulverized. Running a Pip/Prinplup line in the deck will give you a greater chance of setting up more Empoleons while the first one attacks.

I also don’t see why 4 Eggs is necessary. Don’t you want to be thinning your hand out for Archie? I would run 1-2 at most, and try out Miltank FLF to make up for the lack of Basics.


You cannot start with a Robo. You would still be forced into an Eggs start and walk into a T1 LaserBank before you draw a card.

Adding Jirachi significantly improves the chances of making Archie work, but . . . good grief, I do not want to play a deck which has 100% chance of a horrible start.

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I wasn’t talking about starting subs, I was talking about starting eggs. And once again, I’m talking about adding in other Pokes like Miltank, Dusknoir, and Leafeon as your back up attackers after Empoleon dies.

Never bank on JUST Consistency. It has Fluxes in reliability, no matter how consistent your deck is.

This is a whole lot different from your original suggestion.

Not a Leafeon nor a Dusknoir in sight.


So much flak that could have been avoided by a simple “My mistake,”…

Wasn’t it established that Archie / Maxie is best used as an optional route and not a central mechanic of the deck? I mean, all of the successful decks do exactly that.

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Knew I forgot to add something…

It’s really a skeleton list. Feel free to change it as you like.

Maybe you could use Pokémon Fan Club and more switching cards. I’ve seen decks where 4 copies works.

That’s an amazing decklist!

I forget a lot of stuff in my decklists…

Instead of making multiple posts about stuff individual people said, just quote them…