Empoleon PLF (DEX) Variants // BCR-on

Pokémon: 15
4 Piplup
1 Prinplup
4 Empoleon
3 Dedenne
2 Druddigon
1 Mew EX

T/S/S: 35
4 Rare Candy
4 N
4 Professor Juniper
3 Lysandre
3 Max Revive
3 Sacred Ash
3 Ultra Ball
3 Max Potion
2 Float Stone
2 Bicycle
2 Startling Megaphone

Energy: 12
8 Water Energy
4 Double Colorless Energy

Straight forward Empoleon. Getting out basics as fast as possible, use Mew EX for them Psychic pokeymans and Druddigon for a sweet, sweet revenge. Dedenne is meant as a starter to get out even more basics, and to deal some damage to Yveltal EX and Mewtwo EX. (There are two more spaces that I do not know what to do with.)

We need one more Prinplup at least, Seismitoad kinda screws with this deck. Also why not any Dusknoir?

I am a returning player, and I am very confused as to why Dusknoir actually made it into this deck. Could you explain it to me? Are there any counters for Seismitoad? All I can think off is maybe Leafeon, seeing as it only need CC and does 120 damage to Seismitoad, which nearly OHKOs it.

Dusknoir is used to move damage around on your opponents pokemon. Like, you could take damage off an EX, move it to a benched basic, then attack to knock out the EX and get 3 prizes in one turn. It is good to weaken opponents pokemon, so they don’t have a fully healed pokemon out in play. Also, it prevents a max potion from taking away all your hard earned damage. It’s very fun to use. It can also disrupt locks like TrevGor, GothGor, Aegislash, by moving damage to Trevenant, Gothitelle and Aegislash.

The main reason for Dusknoir is to make sure no damage is ‘wasted’. Empoleon will often do more damage than is necessary to finish off a Pokemon. Anything spare can be moved to Benched targets to set them up for future knock outs. This can make the difference between taking a Prize every 2 turns and taking 2 Prizes in 3 turns. If you can do the latter, your changes of winning are much higher.

There are various other uses, depending on the game situation. You may wish to KO an annoying Benched Pokemon (such as a Garbodor that is locking you out of Diving Draw); finish off a badly damaged EX they have retreated; put damage from a non-threatening active on to a developing threat on the Bench . . .

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Even though I’m not so sure on how useful Dedenne will be in this deck, Emolga LTR is still much better than Dedenne simply because it’s the same Pokemon but it has no retreat cost.

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But, there is the second attack, I’m wondering, why not just play a float stone, and get the second attack and a free retreat

I’m not that fussed about the retreat cost. You have to attach to both Dedenne and Emolga to use their attacks anyway, and you aren’t likely to get a chance to use either more than once.

A free retreater is always somewhat useful after a KO, though.

I suppose it comes down to whether you would take a potential Yveltal/Lugia killer over something that isn’t bothered by T1 Landy.

I would easily take something that isn’t bothered by Landorus T1. Unfortunately I don’t think either are really all that safe, since Landorus can feasibly do 70 on T1 for a single Energy.

Emolga has Fighting Resistance, so Landy would need Stong Energy + Muscle Band + Laser + Virbank for the Hammerhead KO. Not all that easy T1, and a bit wasteful with the Laser.

Ohh, that Dusknoir. I thought it was the Dusknoir w/ Shadow Void. :stuck_out_tongue:
I could perhaps try to take out the Druddigon for a 1-0-1 Dusknoir?

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Pooka posted a new video for Empoleon/Dusknoir:

He’s using:
4-2-4 Empoleon
2-1-2 Dusknoir
3 Miltank
1 Exeggecute
1 Mr. Mime

Some possible options are:
Mew EX (copies Attack Command for 1 energy, hits weakness on Psychic)
Mewtwo EX (X-Ball counters Lucario, maybe Seismitoad)
Leafeon (Energy Crush compatible w/ deck’s energy, hits Seismitoad)
Suicune (Stage 2 decks are slow, this could buy time)

Pokemon Fan Club (two Piplups sounds good with a rotated Level Ball)
Evosoda (Another alternative to Level Ball)

Here’s a list I created:

4x Piplup
2x Prinplup
4x Empoleon
2x Duskull
1x Dusclops
2x Dusknoir
3x Miltank
1x Exeggcute

3x Sycamore
3x N
2x Colress
3x Skyla
1x Lysandre
3x Fan club
1x Lysandre’s trump card
1x Xerosic

2x Ultra ball
3x Vs seeker
4x Rare candy
1x Prof letter
2x Muscle band
2x Switch
2x Megaphone
1x Dowsing

7x Water energy

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4 Piplup RC
2 Prinpulp LTR
4 Empoleon PLF
2 Duskull FLF
1 Dusclops FLF
1 Dusknoir BCR
3 Miltank FLF
1 Exeggcute PLF
Total Pokémon-18

4 Sycamore
3 N
2 Skyla
2 Colress
2 Lysandre
1 Teammates
3 Dive Ball
2 Ultra Ball
1 Repeat Ball
2 VS Seeker
2 Switch
4 Rare Candy
2 Megaphone
3 Muscle Band
1 Silver Bangle
1 Computer Search
Total Trainers-35

7 Water
Total Energy-7

This is the list I’ve been testing with so far and have had good results. Dive ball helps a lot with getting Empoleons out quickly. It has a good match up against M Gardevoir because it can’t keep up once Empoleon gets set up.

You have Ultra Ball listed twice, I believe the 2nd one with 3 was supposed to be Muscle Band since that would be the logical place for it.

Also Flareon and Leafeon could be played with the amount of play Virgen and Seismitoad get, respectively.

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Thanks for telling me about the Ultra Ball/Muscle Band thing.

How would you find room for Flareon and Leafeon? the list is already cramped and I really don’t think another evolution line would be helpful. The Virgen match up isn’t terrible because only Virizion has water resistance and Miltank helps as well, I haven’t played against a Seismatoad yet so I really don’t know how the deck would benefit from Leafeon in the match up.

This deck actually has a really great VG matchup. Use miltanks mainly against Vs but Empoleons great against Gs. Dusknoir just dusknoir. Haha

Please divert you attention from this old decklist that has been sadly removed by me because I have a project you’ll all be involved in.

You never want to start him and your practically asking for it

He is trying to optimize the deck to guarantee playing Empoleon using Archie’s Ace in the Hole. Part of that is multiple Exeggcute so you can manipulate your hand size via exact discards with Ultra Ball. I am a little surprised that you aren’t playing Jirachi EX though. I understood that using Ultra Ball to discard the last of your hand for Jirachi EX and using Stellar Guidance to get Archie’s was a key part of the strategy.

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